Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birthdays over here, birthdays over there...


Curious, Knowledgeable, Impressive

You should be a detective, because you're all about uncovering the truth. A perfectionist, you always do your homework before expressing your opinion (and you have a lot of opinions). Whether you're holding court about melting polar ice caps or the importance of flax seed oil, you're an idealist who likes to get behind a cause. A natural leader, you have a forceful presence and know how to command people's attention.

+/-: You're just like an encyclopedia: you've got all your facts together. But some issues aren't a matter of right or wrong, so don't freak out when others don't agree with what you say. They’re entitled to their own opinions.

Friend Match: You can be super defensive--and you're not shy about going on the attack, either. Take a lesson from a chilled-out Libra who can teach you how to play nice with others.

Love Match: You like a guy with smarts--and he needs to be confident, too, if he's going to keep up with you. Sparks will fly when you start arguing with a brainy Aquarius--good thing you can always kiss and make up!

Best accessory: Library card
Best date: Political rally
Best job: Lawyer

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