Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where my September 22nd birthdays at?


Individualistic, Sarcastic, Perceptive

You've got a bad case of Restless Leg Syndrome: you always have to be moving. Driven, outgoing, and easily bored, you like to be challenge by new places, people, and things. You'll never hit the same restaurant twice and the list of extra-curriculars you've tried (and dumped) reads like an advertisement for Attention Deficit Disorder. But no matter what you're doing, your strong personality and strength of character means you always make your mark.

+/-: Good things come to those who wait, but sometimes the most important thing you can do is sit still. Take a break in your 24/7 marathon of activities to relax at home or spend some time day-dreaming.

Friend Match: There's only one constant in your life: your friends. You're very picky about who you let get close, and a Sagittarius who likes to go, go, go is your perfect partner-in-crime.

Love Match: When you like someone, you act like you're gearing up for a military attack: your motto is, Ready, Set, Charge. Give the cavalry a rest and let a laid-back Libra--who might just make you want to settle down (gasp)--find his way to you.

Best color: Indigo
Best job: Travel writer
Best vacation spot: Las Vegas

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