Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You say it's your birthday...


Discriminating, Influential, Introspective

You're under so much pressure you could be a barometer. It feels like no matter what you do you're always facing down difficult situations--from psycho phys ed teachers to ultra-demanding 'rents--but the truth is that most of the pressure you feel comes from within. Driven, confident, and influential, you've got a ton of power over your peeps and don't take that responsibility lightly; you're always playing social co-ordinator and doling out spot-on advice.

+/-: You may as well be on a treadmill, always running, running, running. Sometimes it takes the most confidence to be still and reflect, so don't be afraid of what will happen if you pause to look in the mirror. You're fabulous, so own it.

Friend Match: The last thing you need is a high-drama BFF who will stress you out with her 24/7 crises, so stick with a fun-loving Aries or totally chilled-out Gemini who will keep things mellow.

Love Match: You're super independent, so you can't stand needy guys who want to check up on you all the time. A confident Taurus will let you do your own thing.

Best color: Leather recliner (say it with me now: relax...)
Best hobby: Pilates
Star match: Michelle Williams

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