Friday, September 18, 2009

It's birthday, it's birthday time... (What time is it? It's birthday time.)


Thoughtful, Serious, Visual

You're just like an iPhone: super popular, you always create a public stir (and it's a total mystery how you actually work). Though people gravitate to you and you often find yourself at the center of attention, you're extremely secretive and closed off to all but the Inner Circle. And a position on your VIP list is never guaranteed: when you feel hurt, betrayed, or threatened, you can shut the door on even your closest friends.

+/-: You don’t like conflict, so you’d rather withdraw than fight. But you're not a Crock-pot, so why sit around stewing? When something upsets you, talk about it.

Friend Match: You and a temper-prone Scorpio are like a match held over a tin of explosives: the smallest spark, and everything blows up. Look for a more even-tempered Libra who won't turn every disagreement into a major meltdown.

Love Match: In many ways an extremely private person, you're drawn to people with a similar penchant for secrecy: like an artistic Pisces who knows the value of unspoken communication.

Best color: Ivory
Best hobby: School play
Theme song: Lucky – Britney Spears

And don't forget to look for THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF BIRTHDAYS, in stores July 22, 2010!

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