Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22nd -- Let's See How this Doesn't Apply to (Little, Old Non-December 22nd Baby) Me...

Soooo on my b-day, we played the game of seeing just how closely my b-day description matches my personality. Now let's strike that and reverse it (a.k.a. let's see whether the December 22nd info applies/doesn't apply to me). Ready, set, go!!!


Careful, Prepared, Self-Assured

Your philosophy is: slow and steady wins the race [My philosophy is "eye of the tiger"]. A queen of To-Do lists [I hate these things. I try to compile them. Really I do. My mom and bro go that route (as does a certain nameless Razorbill coworker). I go the, "Now where did I leave that on my desk route?"] and a natural planner, you've got everything in your life mapped out in advance, from the outfit you're going to wear to school in a week to the location of your wedding in fifteen years (Aruba) [Okay, so now that we're talking big picture stuff. Let's face it: I decided where I wanted to go to college in the seventh grade. Check. The career I wanted in eleventh grade. Check. The husband I wanted and how many kids and where we will live, and wait... no checks there :( ] It's not that you're stubborn when it comes to walking a certain path, it's just that you always have a clear idea of where you want to end up.

+/- You’ve got a ton of rules, like No Side Ponytails After 1995 [I'm sorta wearing one today. It's loose, and there's no scrunchy, but it's definitely not centered. Does that make me a bad person?] and No Speaking in Class Without Raising Your Hand [Yeah, unless I'm the one speaking.]. But rules are meant to be broken, so try tossing out the list of Dos-and-Don'ts and letting loose once in a while.

Friend Match: Your tongue's so sharp it could be a pair of scissors, so you need to find a BFF who can roll with your scathing sense of humor, like a good-natured and mischievous Aries. Bonus: her constant pranking and laissez-faire attitude will keep you cracking up.

Love Match: You're definitely not the kind of girl who skips from crush to crush, so you need a guy who, like you, is happy to stay out of the game. A super-supportive Taurus will have eyes only for you. [This does sound quite appealing.]

Best hobby: National Honor Society [Okay, you've got me.]
Best pet: Tropical fish
Star match: Jordin Sparks

Aritey, so with only a couple elements in my favor and the preponderance of data in opposition, I'm going to go ahead and say that it is very clear that I'm not a December 22nd baby.
Now it's your turn! How do you match up????

Monday, December 21, 2009

It's your birthday + the week just before the start of winter break... could you ask for anything more?


Intuitive, Stubborn, Challenging

You're just like a ninja: silent but deadly. You don't need to run your mouth to command a room, and whether or not you've got your lips on lock-down you make sure people know how you feel--and do what you want. Intimidating and powerful, you use all of your energy and focus to achieve your goals, and whether or not you use verbal skills or just body language to communicate, you're always making your point clear.

+/-: Your super sensitive when it comes to understanding other people's moods. When it's your friends' turn to read you, however, they'll find you're a closed book. If you’re struggling with a problem, don’t stew on it – open up!

Friend Match: You like to keep your posse small, and you like to keep them close. You and a Cancer may have been best buds since you were in diapers, but don't let that stop you from expanding your horizons. An expressive, take-charge fellow Sag makes a great partner-in-crime.

Love Match: You need a guy who won't keep his feelings on lock-down, or you're both bound to suffer in silence. A Libra values honesty and communication above all else, and can help you open up.

Best color: Black
Best job: Judge
Best vacation spot: Morocco

Friday, December 18, 2009

So you know how when it's your birthday...

...you can't really concentrate on stuff because you're so jittery and excited about the events to come. That's how I feel today because of holiday parties and whatnot. Gotta love the season!


Persistent, Capable, Expansive

You and a whale share something in common: you're all about living large. When you commit to something--like heading up the decorator's committee for homecoming--you see it through no matter what, and you see it through in a big way (2,000 handmade paper vines to go along with the jungle theme, anyone?). But just because you see the big picture doesn't mean you ignore the details. Attentive and focused, you make sure everything is just so.

+/-: You have unstoppable quantities of energy, but just like when you're driving, it sometimes pays to Reduce Speed Ahead. Going full throttle will just lead to burn out, so try to appreciate the journey and not just the destination.

Friend Match: Sometimes you crave absolute privacy, at other times you spill all your secrets faster than you can say "dish". You might run hot and cold sometimes, but a Libra who is laid-back like lukewarm water will be able to go with the flow.

Love Match: Having a boyfriend is awesome, but having a boy-friend is even better. Make sure your guy gets you and can serve as your support system, like a loyal Taurus whose steadfastness will help you achieve your goals.

Best accessory: Jet black Range Rover
Best pet: African Grey Parrot
Star match: Katie Holmes

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hey, now! Hey, now! This is what birthdays are made of!


Committed, Idealistic, Responsible

You and a gym teacher have something in common: all about physical education. Down-to-earth, practical, and grounded, you limit your beliefs to the things you can see, touch, taste, and smell. Ruled by themes of body and earth, you're not interested in flights of fancy or superficiality. You gravitate towards dependability and solidity in other people. Serious and focused, once you set your mind to something it's impossible to steer you from your path.

+/-: You're definitely not a fan of team sports; you prefer to always roll solo. Like a kindergartener, you need to learn to share. Don't be afraid to open up to others and show off your inner shine--make time to hit the movies or have a makeover night with good friends.

Friend Match: You take things super seriously, and could use some friends around you to help you lighten up, like a laid-back, social Libra and an energetic, fun-loving Gemini.

Love Match: Nothing irritates you more than broken promises, so an adorable Aries with a habit of telling little white lies will just drive you crazy. Stick with a solid-as-they-come Taurus or an affectionate Cancer.

Best date: Camping
Best hobby: Cooking
Best style: Outdoorsy (If it’s made by North Face, L.L. Bean, or Patagonia, you own it.) P.S. This does not describe me. I am what you'd call "indoorsy" or perhaps "only can handle nature when it's man made-y. You know, I like my walking paths paved. That kind of thing. The untamed wilderness... not so much.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

If your birthday is on December 16th and you celebrate some holiday this time of year, how do you handle the present situation?


Visionary, Imaginative, Guided

If you were a book genre, you'd be fantasy. People born on December 16th are some of the most imaginative of the entire astrological year. Creative and artistic, you see things differently from your peers, and whether you're assembling a mural out of discarded plastic coke bottle caps or penning a short story entirely in rhyme, you're always testing limits and pushing boundaries. You crave privacy and freedom.

+/-: Your emotional life has so many ups-and-downs it should be its own roller coaster at Six Flags. Your friends have problems, too, so lay off the venting sometimes and learn to listen.

Friend Match: You often disappear into your own world, so it’s good to have a grounded earth-sign Virgo to bring you back from the clouds and remind you of the day-to-day pleasures (and obligations) of this planet.

Love Match: You're deeply romantic, and you fall in love faster--and harder--than you can say "ouch." Make sure you get to know a guy before declaring him your One and Only, and pay special attention to an artistic Pisces with the same values as you.

Best job: Film director
Theme song: Hot N Cold – Katy Perry
Best vacation spot: Vineyard in California

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ten more days till vacation!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and it's your b-day...


Cheerful, Social, Popular

If you had a motto, yours would be: Go big, or go home. Confident, open-minded, and super social, you like to live large and in charge. People gravitate to you because of your natural positivity and optimism, and you don't mind rolling with a big entourage. Your philosophy is, the more the merrier! On the flip side, your refusal to see the dark side means that you can become attached to people who don't deserve it.

+/-: It's great that you're so naturally sunny, but if the clouds are rolling in on the horizon, it might not be the best time for a parade. You must learn to accept hardships and disappointments realistically, and face problems head-on.

Friend Match: You're a blast to be around and are always making your friends feel good. Just make sure you have your own cheerleaders, like a supportive Leo or a Cancer who admires your social skills.

Love Match: The Gemini you've been crushing on is popular, cute, and charming, so you refuse to acknowledge that he may not be worth your feelings of hopeless devotion. Dig deeper when you meet a quiet and rock-solid Taurus, and you may find the diamond in the rough.

Best accessory: Your friends
Best color: Pink
Theme song: Here’s to the Night – Eve 6

Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14th --- And now the countdown to winter break really starts....


Original, Provocative, Daring

You and a jar of spaghetti sauce have something in common: it's hard to get you to open up! Though you may come across as outgoing and very social, in reality you have an intensely private side that you rarely reveal to anyone. You've got a ton of acquaintances and admirers but only a few very close friends, and though you may let people in on where you're headed on a Friday night, you hardly ever share your true feelings and thoughts.

+/-: It's no wonder your friends get frustrated trying to figure you out: you're harder to unravel than a knee-high lace-up boot. But keeping all of your complexity to yourself will just leave you feeling alienated and frustrated, so learn to speak up about your true thoughts and feelings.

Friend Match: You and a Cancer can totally relate: she, too, values privacy and a small circle of close friends. She won't force you to talk about what you're going through, but her sensitivity and trustworthiness means you'll be inclined to open up.

Love Match: You have a forceful will and you're very persuasive, but when a smoldering Scorpio with a secretive nature starts getting close to you, you'll step back and let him take the lead.

Best accessory: Your diary (with a lock, of course)
Star match: Vanessa Hudgens
Best style: Emo

Friday, December 11, 2009

The weather outside is frightful, but birthdays are so delightful!


Purposeful, Powerful, Influential

You're just like the flavors in a cafe mocha: intense and super deep. Serious and dedicated, you apply yourself vigorously to your goals and are difficult to stop. A thoughtful person by nature, you also have a commanding physical presence: when you walk into the room, everyone looks. It's hard for you to hide your emotions, and your moods, opinions (and yes, occasional tantrums) have a huge effect on the people around you.

+/-: It's great that you're willing to fight for what you want, but swimming upstream is bound to leave you exhausted. Learn to go with the flow.

Friend Match: The fact that you have such high standards means you have a tendency to be judgmental. Lean on a Libra who will remind you to keep a balanced and fair perspective.

Love Match: You're a quick study in almost everything you do, but a big failure when it comes to the subject of fun. You could use a little laughter in your life, so depend on a class-clown and prank-prone Aries to keep you ROTFL.

Best color: Burgundy
Best date: Town carnival
Best vacation spot: Museum-hopping in Italy

P.S. Btw -- if you happen to go museum-hopping in Italy, please take me with you!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Party like it's December 10th!!!


Appreciative, Introspective, Calm

If you were a subject in school, you'd be philosophy--super deep. Deeply private, you often come across as shy when in fact you're just busy reflecting on The Big Questions--like why are we here? Idealistic in the extreme, you have a logical mind but faith and belief (in everything from friendship to religion to the beauty of nature) are very important to you. Modest and sweet-tempered, you don't seek out attention.

+/-: You love being alone, but other people deserve to see you shine, so don't always hide your glow. Make sure you maintain connections with friends who can will help you break out of your comfort zone.

Friend Match: Your BFF had better love lengthy and serious chat sessions. Fortunately, a profound Pisces would much rather debate morality with you than catch up on the latest episode of The Hills.

Love Match: You’re way more comfortable flirting over AIM than in person. But wouldn’t it be nice to LOL face-to-face? A sweet-tempered Cancer with homebody tendencies might be your perfect match--if one of you can be convinced to stop hiding behind the keyboard and make the first move.

Best date: Morning hike
Star match: Raven-Symoné
Theme song: I Shall Believe – Sheryl Crow

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

If you were born on December 9th...


Romantic, Fiery, Energetic

You deserve an award for Best Performance, because you're always the star of the show. You love to be the center of attention, and you've got a knack for sniffing out (or starting!) drama. Imaginative and prone to flights of fancy, you're always playing casting director and putting yourself in the role of heroine, leader, or diva. Paradoxically, though often shy as children, those born on December 9th grow to be true extroverts and big personalities.

+/-: You definitely command attention, but you don’t always have to be steal the stage. Sometimes it’s nice to play a supporting part, and let someone else have the chance to shine for once.

Friend Match: You're super protective when it comes to your posse, so a Capricorn who shies away from confrontation can rely on you to have her back. In return, she can help mellow out your outrageous energies and keep you grounded.

Love Match: People who only see your outgoing side would be surprised to find out that you’re shy when it comes to boys. You need a dependable guy with a relaxed attitude to balance out the more fiery side of your personality, so you can trust a Libra to make you feel comfortable.

Best job: Entertainment reporter
Best style: Bollywood
Best vacation spot: Puerto Rico

P.S. Oh, I wish I was in Puerto Rico right now.... The wind tousling my hair, the smell of the ocean tickling my nose, the sand crunching beneath my feet = infinitely bettter than being in New York (i.e. land of cold rain where my umbrella blows inside out and my hair frizzes due to the humidity).

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8th -- Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays


Interesting, Friendly, Energetic

You and an Olympic high-diver have something in common: You're all about diving in head-first. No matter what you're working on--from an English project to a difficult friendship--you throw yourself into it one hundred percent. Generous and energetic, when it comes to your feelings you lay everything out on the table, and you feel deeply responsible for the well-being of everything and everyone around you.

+/-: You'll tackle any project, no matter how difficult. But ask yourself if the rewards are worth the effort. It might be easier to write an essay than build a scaled-down version of a Native American village; similarly, if you have to put in months of energy to a relationship that's not getting better, it's time to pull the plug.

Friend Match: A Virgo with both creative and pragmatic tendencies is a moderate version of you: all the talent, half the angst.

Love Match: Because you love unusual and mischievous people, you're often drawn to guys who aren't prepared to return your affection, like a shady Scorpio with a wandering eye. Down-to-earth doesn't have to mean boring; once you try out a dependable Leo, don't be surprised if you never go back.

Best accessory: MacBook
Best color: Blue
Best hobby: Musical theater

P.S. I cannot even begin to express how much I love my MacBook. It's like an extra appendage. You know that game you play in elementary school? The one where your teacher goes, "if you were stranded on a tropical, desert island, what one item would you bring with you and why?" Well, I would bring my MacBook (with wireless broadband connection--that still counts as one item, right?). Yes, it might not be as nourishing as food or as basic as a bar of soap (I'm assuming that the clothes on my back don't count toward this exercise and that there are berries or something available for consumption). But, let's face it -- without my MacBook, the boredom of being stranded on a tropical, desert island would most certainly become overpowering. And I'm easily bored. Boredom -- it's something you gotta think about when dealing with the challenges and dangers of isolation. Don't you think?

Sooo to make a long story short. You December 8th birthday people bring with you the antidote to boredom -- a MacBook. Kudos!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Back it Up Now -- B-Days from December 4th-6th


Energetic, Gutsy, Aggressive

You should be a Nike ad, because you always Just Do It. When you want something you pursue it relentlessly and you don't let anybody or anything stand in your way. You jump so many hurdles you should compete on the Olympic team, and you're no stranger to struggle. Sometimes you're so focused on your goals you neglect the needs of family and friends, and your desire to dominate means you can be kind of bossy.

+/-: You're amazingly strong, but even you have limits, so learn them. You can't be a star soccer player and social VP and the editor-in-chief of the yearbook, so take a shot at saying No once in a while.

Friend Match: You and a stubborn Taurus are bound to butt heads 24/7, but you do need a BFF who is strong enough to tell you when you are out of line, like a grounded and confident Capricorn.

Love Match: You're all about power, but you haven't yet given to the greatest power of all: L-O-V-E. You'll never truly fall unless you're willing to let go, so try letting someone else--like a super-popular Leo with a powerful presence--take the lead for once.

Best date: Dinner and dancing
Best job: Professional athlete
Star match: Tyra Banks

P.S. Don't you just love Tyra?


Confident, Daring, Active

Being you is like sporting a tube top to a formal garden party: both require a ton of confidence. You're blessed with a strong belief in your ability to pull things off, whether you're assembling your social studies project at the last second or rocking leather pants to homecoming. In general, your confidence is justified--things have a way of turning out right for you--but you have to learn when to admit it on the rare occasions you need help.

+/-: It's great that you're so positive, but don't dismiss people as haters just because they're not all roses-and-sunshine. You might benefit from constructive criticism, so open up your ears.

Friend Match: You sure know how to rock what you've got, but you could use some help knowing when to rein it in a little--for example, busting out into a karaoke rendition of 'I Will Survive' at your parents' X-mas party might not be the best idea. Trust a down-to-earth and laid back Libra to let you know when to lay off the theatrics.

Love Match: You're just like a pizza: made to share. You can't stand secrets and need a guy who's willing to spill his hopes and dreams, like an open-hearted and expressive Aries.

Best job: Personal shopper
Best style: Funky
Theme song: Lose Control – Missy Elliot

P.S. Oh, how I wish I could afford a personal shopper, but alas....


Pragmatic, Perceptive, Capable

You should be a jeweler, because you've got an eye for that diamond in the rough. You can make the best out of any situation and you're always able to spot things--like antique bedside tables and grungy-looking guys--that with just a little bit of polish will sparkle like new. Extremely practical, you're a born organizer and manager, and your competitive nature means that you're always out to win.

+/-: It's great that you're always looking ahead, but if you don't pause for breath you're going to miss out on a chance to stop and smell the roses. Life's too short already, so make time to appreciate it.

Friend Match: When someone disappoints you, you have a tendency to drop the friendship faster than a socialite drops names. Buddy up with someone who will teach you the value of perseverance and communication, like an extra-patient Cancer.

Love Match: You need to respect the object of your affections, and then means no whiners, moaners, or self-pitiers for you. Ideally, you need a guy who's as strong-willed and competitive like you, like a take-charge Taurus.

Best accessory: Vintage Polaroid camera
Best color: Orchid
Best hobby: School events coordinator

P.S. If you can make a vintage Polaroid camera look cool, my hat's off to you.

December 7th -- Birthday Action


Imaginative, Sensitive, Individualistic

You're just like an original Picasso painting: one-of-a-kind, with a totally unique perspective. Those born on December 7th never blend in with the crowd, and though some people might consider you weird, the fact that you always do your own thing regardless of what other people think is an admirable and enviable trait. Unsurprisingly, you're attracted to people who are also brave enough to march to the beat of their own drummer.

+/-: You're deeply creative, so it's normal that you spend a lot of time with your head in the clouds. Just make sure you don't forget to touch down in the real world every so often. A girl can't live on dreams alone.

Friend Match: You need a BFF who's not afraid to take the road less traveled, like a creative and visionary Pisces. But for a more social influence who will keep you from perma-hibernation, look also to an independent and fun-loving Gemini.

Love Match: Even though you love to express yourself, when it comes to romance you do your best impression of a clam. It's crucial that you find someone you can be yourself with, like an even-tempered and non-judgmental Aquarius.

Best pet: Turtle
Best style: No one rocks pink tights like you
Theme song: Dreamer – Chris Brown

P.S. Some final thoughts:
  • On the subject of pink tights, did you catch part I of the Alice miniseries last night? She was sporting some red tights, not pink ones, but still -- bold color choice.
  • On the subject of the above theme song (and specifically its singer): Ugghh....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday, December 3rd -- And the Days Just Tick on by...

Sorry, I'm seriously in shock that it's already December (admittedly, the sixty-degree weather is confusing--is it a first for you b-day people?).


Concentrated, Secretive, Innovative

You and sliced bread have something in common: you're both totally ingenious. Creative, innovative, and extremely independent, no matter what your passion--from writing to knitting to the boy in your science class--you dedicate yourself to it with attentiveness and skill that borders on the truly genius. You do your own thing and never seek out attention or flattery; in fact, you crave privacy.

+/-: It's great that you're self-sufficient, but you graduated from kindergarten so you should know how to play with others. Let your friends take you out on Saturday night and try to maintain closer contact with the people you love.

Friend Match: You need a BFF who values privacy and independence above all else and won't be offended that you have a tendency to keep secrets, like an equally mysterious and private Pisces.

Love Match: A Cancer who appreciates your need to be alone but understands the importance of having a small group of close friends will make sure that you don't put the her back in hermit.

Best accessory: Oversized headphones (for when you just need to tune everyone out) ­­
Best hobby: Art club
Best pet: Adopted cat

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's December 2nd -- And the Craziness that is Time Accelerating Continues...

Plus it's your b-day!!!!


Dynamic, Spirited, Active

You should be on the silver screen, because you're all about being larger-than-life. You have a tremendous presence; when you walk into the room, people bow down or step out of the way. You believe that life is a boxing match and you're looking for an all-out knock-out victory. Your tendency to see things in terms of struggle means you often hold grudges, and you're prone to furious and frightening temper tantrums when people disappoint you.

+/-: It's great that you're so ambitious and strong, but winning really isn't everything. No trophy or award in the world will comfort you when you're feeling down or make you crack up when you need to giggle, so work on strengthening your ties to your real winnings: your friends.

Friend Match: You expect honesty and integrity from your BFFs, and anyone who gets close to you had better know how to calm you down when you're about to blow. A level-headed Libra has all these qualities.

Love Match: You’ve got super high standards, and are always saying that none of the guys you know can measure up. Make sure you're not just pushing people away before they can reject you--a patient, devoted, and super-sweet Cancer comes pretty close to perfection.

Best accessory: Stila eyeliner
Best job: Movie star
Star match: Britney Spears

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Augmented Reality--Vampire Academy Style

See yourself on the Vampire Academy cover by visiting http://www.vampireacademybooks.com/.

All you need is:

(1.) Vampire Academy book, magazine ad, or cover print out
(2.) Webcam

And that's it! (Plus, you know, follow the instructions onscreen.)

Share with your friends. Sooo cool!!!

Find out more info by clicking on the video link below:

It's December 1st--What the What?


Vibrant, Extroverted, Energetic

If you were a type of candy, you'd be Skittles: fun, colorful, vibrant, with a totally unique flavor. Outspoken and upbeat, you follow a policy of strict honesty that borders on brutal bluntness. But your charm and sense of humor means your friends always forgive you for your most outrageous comments, and in general your desire to spill comes from a desire to share--you're generous with everything from your advice to your time to your shoes.

+/-: You're just like McDonald's: always open. But in certain cases it's better to keep your opinions to yourself, like if you think your friends jeans look like a sausage-casing.

Friend Match: You need a BFF with lots of energy and the desire to try new things, so a homebody Cancer will just have you yawning. Pair up with an outgoing Aries who's a social butterfly, like you.

Love Match: You love to be admired and have the rep of being an outrageous flirt. But make sure you're not courting all the wrong kinds of attention. The kind of love you really need goes far beneath the surface, so try cultivating a deeper relationship with a quiet and sincere Aquarius.

Best date: Nighttime picnic
Best pet: Dalmatian
Star match: Sarah Silverman