Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's December 1st--What the What?


Vibrant, Extroverted, Energetic

If you were a type of candy, you'd be Skittles: fun, colorful, vibrant, with a totally unique flavor. Outspoken and upbeat, you follow a policy of strict honesty that borders on brutal bluntness. But your charm and sense of humor means your friends always forgive you for your most outrageous comments, and in general your desire to spill comes from a desire to share--you're generous with everything from your advice to your time to your shoes.

+/-: You're just like McDonald's: always open. But in certain cases it's better to keep your opinions to yourself, like if you think your friends jeans look like a sausage-casing.

Friend Match: You need a BFF with lots of energy and the desire to try new things, so a homebody Cancer will just have you yawning. Pair up with an outgoing Aries who's a social butterfly, like you.

Love Match: You love to be admired and have the rep of being an outrageous flirt. But make sure you're not courting all the wrong kinds of attention. The kind of love you really need goes far beneath the surface, so try cultivating a deeper relationship with a quiet and sincere Aquarius.

Best date: Nighttime picnic
Best pet: Dalmatian
Star match: Sarah Silverman

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