Friday, December 11, 2009

The weather outside is frightful, but birthdays are so delightful!


Purposeful, Powerful, Influential

You're just like the flavors in a cafe mocha: intense and super deep. Serious and dedicated, you apply yourself vigorously to your goals and are difficult to stop. A thoughtful person by nature, you also have a commanding physical presence: when you walk into the room, everyone looks. It's hard for you to hide your emotions, and your moods, opinions (and yes, occasional tantrums) have a huge effect on the people around you.

+/-: It's great that you're willing to fight for what you want, but swimming upstream is bound to leave you exhausted. Learn to go with the flow.

Friend Match: The fact that you have such high standards means you have a tendency to be judgmental. Lean on a Libra who will remind you to keep a balanced and fair perspective.

Love Match: You're a quick study in almost everything you do, but a big failure when it comes to the subject of fun. You could use a little laughter in your life, so depend on a class-clown and prank-prone Aries to keep you ROTFL.

Best color: Burgundy
Best date: Town carnival
Best vacation spot: Museum-hopping in Italy

P.S. Btw -- if you happen to go museum-hopping in Italy, please take me with you!

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