Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22nd -- Let's See How this Doesn't Apply to (Little, Old Non-December 22nd Baby) Me...

Soooo on my b-day, we played the game of seeing just how closely my b-day description matches my personality. Now let's strike that and reverse it (a.k.a. let's see whether the December 22nd info applies/doesn't apply to me). Ready, set, go!!!


Careful, Prepared, Self-Assured

Your philosophy is: slow and steady wins the race [My philosophy is "eye of the tiger"]. A queen of To-Do lists [I hate these things. I try to compile them. Really I do. My mom and bro go that route (as does a certain nameless Razorbill coworker). I go the, "Now where did I leave that on my desk route?"] and a natural planner, you've got everything in your life mapped out in advance, from the outfit you're going to wear to school in a week to the location of your wedding in fifteen years (Aruba) [Okay, so now that we're talking big picture stuff. Let's face it: I decided where I wanted to go to college in the seventh grade. Check. The career I wanted in eleventh grade. Check. The husband I wanted and how many kids and where we will live, and wait... no checks there :( ] It's not that you're stubborn when it comes to walking a certain path, it's just that you always have a clear idea of where you want to end up.

+/- You’ve got a ton of rules, like No Side Ponytails After 1995 [I'm sorta wearing one today. It's loose, and there's no scrunchy, but it's definitely not centered. Does that make me a bad person?] and No Speaking in Class Without Raising Your Hand [Yeah, unless I'm the one speaking.]. But rules are meant to be broken, so try tossing out the list of Dos-and-Don'ts and letting loose once in a while.

Friend Match: Your tongue's so sharp it could be a pair of scissors, so you need to find a BFF who can roll with your scathing sense of humor, like a good-natured and mischievous Aries. Bonus: her constant pranking and laissez-faire attitude will keep you cracking up.

Love Match: You're definitely not the kind of girl who skips from crush to crush, so you need a guy who, like you, is happy to stay out of the game. A super-supportive Taurus will have eyes only for you. [This does sound quite appealing.]

Best hobby: National Honor Society [Okay, you've got me.]
Best pet: Tropical fish
Star match: Jordin Sparks

Aritey, so with only a couple elements in my favor and the preponderance of data in opposition, I'm going to go ahead and say that it is very clear that I'm not a December 22nd baby.
Now it's your turn! How do you match up????

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