Wednesday, December 16, 2009

If your birthday is on December 16th and you celebrate some holiday this time of year, how do you handle the present situation?


Visionary, Imaginative, Guided

If you were a book genre, you'd be fantasy. People born on December 16th are some of the most imaginative of the entire astrological year. Creative and artistic, you see things differently from your peers, and whether you're assembling a mural out of discarded plastic coke bottle caps or penning a short story entirely in rhyme, you're always testing limits and pushing boundaries. You crave privacy and freedom.

+/-: Your emotional life has so many ups-and-downs it should be its own roller coaster at Six Flags. Your friends have problems, too, so lay off the venting sometimes and learn to listen.

Friend Match: You often disappear into your own world, so it’s good to have a grounded earth-sign Virgo to bring you back from the clouds and remind you of the day-to-day pleasures (and obligations) of this planet.

Love Match: You're deeply romantic, and you fall in love faster--and harder--than you can say "ouch." Make sure you get to know a guy before declaring him your One and Only, and pay special attention to an artistic Pisces with the same values as you.

Best job: Film director
Theme song: Hot N Cold – Katy Perry
Best vacation spot: Vineyard in California

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