Wednesday, February 17, 2010

B-days over Here, B-days over there


Protective, Persuasive, Thoughtful

If life was a sandwich, you’d be the turkey and tomato, ‘cuz you’re always in the middle. Whether you’re keeping peace when your best friends go at it or holding court on the superiority of sesame orange chicken to kung po beef, your powers of persuasion make you the go-to girl for the final word. Most of the time you don’t mind playing mother hen and laying down the law for your friends (let’s face it—they’re lovable but not the most responsible people in the world!).

+/-: It’s great that you try and help your friends resolve their issues, but if you feel like you’re caught in an endless ping-pong ball game—and your head is the ball—you’ve got to call a timeout before somebody calls a foul.

Friend Match: Your fire-sign friend and her polar opposite winter-born buddy might ask you to take sides in their latest debate (this time, ANTM versus Project Runway) because they can count on you to stay neutral. Remind them that it’s not your job to referee, and keep things cool by moving on to other topics. (Like boys—there’s no debate over how cute that Scorpio soccer player is!)

Love Match: Once you’re done with someone, you’re done. A Neptune-ruled boy may have lost a chance because he moved too slow, but consider whether you weren’t acting a little bit standoffish. It’s not fair to expect him to read your mind, so doing something more than wishing he would ask you out might be necessary.

Best accessory: Earplugs…for when the inter-clique fighting just gets to be too much
Best color: Almond
Star match: Christina Ricci


Spontaneous, Outgoing, Energetic

They say the universe won’t end with a bang, but a whimper. No worries—if you have anything to say about it, there’ll be plenty of explosions before then. Expressive and emotional, you speak your mind (often without thinking) and have the same carefree attitude when it comes to all your choices. Skinny dipping? Sure! A world-class tantrum-thrower, you know that nothing leads to a cosmic meltdown quite so well as pent up feelings.

+/-: If you were to take a poll right now, your approval ratings would be through the roof. But what do you like the most about yourself? You’re so used to feeding off the energy of other people you risk losing your grounding.

Friend Match: Your water-sign friend is your exact opposite: she keeps her cards super close to her chest, and is unlikely to let anyone but the inner circle know what she’s feeling. Take a lesson from her book. She can teach you a thing or two about privacy. Do you really want your whole MySpace network to know your deepest secrets?

Love Match: When you fall for someone you have a tendency to shout it from the rooftops. But a quiet Virgo will be embarrassed, not flattered, by all the attention, so ease up a little and let him come to you.

Best color: Fuchsia
Style icon: Madonna
Best vacation spot: Club in Ibiza


Witty, Entertaining, Social

If you were a lip gloss shade you’d be coral: to die-for-cute, works well with anybody, and has just enough of an edge to keep things interesting. You’re a true social butterfly and you love to be the center of attention, particularly when you’re cracking up your crew with yet another spot-on observation (only you would figure out that your gym teacher’s initials spell ICK). Just make sure you keep it light: dissing other people doesn’t go well with anybody’s skin tone.

+/-: Your dry humor is hilarious, but sometimes your sarcastic comments aren’t so subtle. Maybe your friend’s new ‘do does look like a helmet, but save the jokes for your stand-up routine. Otherwise you’ll get booed off stage for good.

Friend Match: You and your earth-sign BFF are the equivalent of sweet-and-sour pork: her sincerity and sweetness is the perfect balance to your tartness. She’s way more serious than you are but that’s a good thing, actually. She can keep you in line when one of your jokes is in danger of going too far.

Love Match: The brainy boy born on the 22nd who you’ve been crushing on has an ego as big as his IQ, so say au revoir. You might be surprised to learn there’s a sweet Virgo who’d been scoping you out. His goofy exterior conceals hidden depths, so give him a chance.

Best hobby: Improv
Best job: Entertainment reporter
Best style: Mod


Curious, Ingenious, Technical

You’re like skinny jeans in 1999: way head of your time. Original and inventive, you think so far outside the box you’re up in the stratosphere, and your insatiable curiosity means that when it comes to know-how, you’re light years ahead of your peers. That doesn’t mean you’ve got your head in the stars, though. A problem solver through-and-through, your logic and reasoning skills keep your feet firmly planted on the ground (and make you ideal for student government).

+/-: Your brain is like a computer, always processing info and storing it away for later. But what’s the fun without wifi to keep you connected? Don’t live so much in your own little world that you miss out on fun times with those around you.

Friend Match: You’re more than happy to help your Sagittarius BFF with her homework, but every so often it feels like you’re running a free tutoring clinic. Don’t let your needs go unnoticed, especially the emotional ones. Speak up if you’re feeling used.

Love Match: A Jupiter-ruled boy has your head spinning, even though you’ve barely exchanged a word. Pay attention to the small signals he gives, but don’t shut yourself off to other options. An outdoorsy Cancer who loves to laugh might be the perfect person to pull you out of your bubble.

Best accessory: Digital camera
Best color: Tangerine
Best job: Architect


Spirited, Impulsive, Active

Some people look before they leap, but you’d rather jump in with your eyes wide shut. This means you’re no stranger to crash landings (like the First Day of School Fashion Disaster of 2008), but it also means you’re the queen of getting up, dusting yourself off, and getting back in the saddle. You’re allergic to planning and sitting still gives you the hives. Just remember that sometimes it really is better to be safe than sorry, and breaking certain rules will really give you something to be sick about (like a month’s worth of Friday detentions).

+/-: Your fave time is the start of a school year, since you’re all about new beginnings. But you have a tendency to jump ship when you get bored, leaving you with a string of hobbies and friends you ditched after a month. Try sticking with something a little longer, or risk getting the reputation of a flake.

Friend Match: Normally you and your best friend du jour have no problem, but her Sun-ruled ways make her occasionally turn bossy. Before you turn tail and run (as usual) try working through your issues by talking. In all other ways, her fun and bubbly attitude make her the perfect wing-man (or wing woman) for you.

Love Match: You can barely decide what to order in a diner, so it’s no surprise that you’re equally as finicky when it comes to choosing your guy. But if you think a Gemini is right for you, you’ve got another thing coming. Between your pickiness and his indecision, you’re headed for dating disaster. Stick with a steadfast Aries instead.

Best accessory: Sketchpad and pencil (If your hour-long history class is driving you crazy, at least doodling will keep you occupied.)
Best job: Interior designer
Theme song: Changes – David Bowie


Sensitive, Stubborn, Shy

If you were a candy, you’d be an inside-out M & M: soft on the outside, you have a hard center (when people push you, you often surprise them by pushing right back), but still have a tendency to melt. (The biggest trigger that causes you to go gooey? When your friends are hurting—you’re extra sensitive to their feelings). You’re not likely to take center stage, preferring to stay in the background, but you have no problem stepping up to the podium when someone steps into your personal space—or tries to step on your personal beliefs.

+/-: If one of your friends shares her secret, she can count on your lips to stay sealed. But you have a tendency to give everyone in school the silent treatment, and they could mistake your shyness for snobbery. Remember, you can’t make new friends by being seen and not heard.

Friend Match: Your Virgo BFF is practically family, and it pains you whenever you see her weather yet another broken heart. But her outgoing nature and fearlessness can help you step out into the spotlight a little bit more, and you could also take a page out of her book when it comes to the confidence chapter.

Love Match: It’s true that a lot of the guys in your school are immature, but that doesn’t mean every single last one of them is a waste of time. A cutie born on the 12th might change your ideas about romance.

Best hobby: Yoga
Best pet: Maltese
Star match: Paris Hilton

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hey February 11th B-day People!


Helpful, Inventive, Appreciative

‘Tis better to give than to receive, and flush or bust, you’ve got more than enough wealth to go around. Your gifts are even better than money: super helpful to anyone in need (like your hopeless-at-homework BF) and full of fun ideas about what to do and where to go, you always leave people a little richer than how you found them. Your friends and family send the love right back at you, and you’re totally grateful for it.

+/-: It’s great that you’re always trying to fix your friend’s problems, but remember that sometimes people need to learn to do things for themselves. If they lean on you too heavily you’re bound to fall over, and often the best gift you can give your friends is space to make their own mistakes.

Friend Match: You and your Cancer born BFF make the perfect pair. Unlike some of your other friends, she’s got the inner strength to take care of her own problems, and she actually gives you a chance to rest from your role as resident therapist. Even better, she doesn’t take life too seriously, so when the weight of the world’s on your shoulders she always lightens the load.

Love Match: A Mercury-ruled boy changes his mind so quickly it makes your head spin, so say hasta to his up and down attitude. You need someone who has both feet on the ground and both eyes focused on you, so pick a Winter-born guy who’s looking for serious cuddle time.

Best job: Personal shopper
Star match: Jennifer Aniston
Best vacation spot: Ski lodge in Aspen

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So Many Birthdays, So Little Time

Sincere, Lively, Entertaining
If life is a stage, you’ve got a pretty solid solo act lined up. You’re full of energy and you love the spotlight, which means your friends often play adoring audience to your one-woman show. But you’re definitely not mindless entertainment: loyal to your friends and family and deeply committed to the things you value, you’re the human equivalent of raspberry sorbet (totally fresh and good for you, even in large doses).
+/-: You’re dynamic and fun, but your serial up-staging may leave your besties contemplating some backstage backstabbing. Make sure you make time to applaud their talents as well—otherwise the curtain may close prematurely on some friendships.
Friend Match: You get bored after ten seconds of doing anything, so a fun-loving Sagittarius is great to have as your BFF. She’s got the energy and the ideas to keep you busy, and whether you’re attempting to make your own ice cream or throwing a Frisbee, you’re always having a blast.
Love Match: Although you’re totally charming, you’re definitely not the typical giggly girl. A Jupiter-ruled cutie in your class likes you just the way you are, and appreciates the fact that you totally ditch the ditzy act.
Best date: Amusement park
Best hobby: Musical theater
Theme song: Love Today - Mika


Skillful, Demonstrative, Graceful

If certain people wear their hearts on their sleeves, you wear yours on a delicate gold-filigree necklace (with matching bracelet, natch). Effortlessly graceful in everything you do, you even make bearing your heart and soul look easy. You should—you’ve had plenty of practice! It’s great that you’re so open about your feelings, but take a lesson from professional poker players: sometimes it’s best not to show your hand too early (particularly when you’re holding on to the Queen of Hearts!).

+/-: The fact that you’re so open to other people makes you especially vulnerable to getting hurt. Make sure your crushes are worth the life-and-death drama before you let them play Romeo to your Juliet.

Friend Match: You can be quiet, but if anyone tries to mess with your friends, they’ll see that you’re definitely not weak. Your BFF (whose b-day is in the same month as yours!) returns the favor, and she knows just how to cheer you up when your hearts been broken (again).

Love Match: You’ve been secretly pining for a Summer-born hottie in your class, but he’s got his eyes on someone else. Life’s too short for unrequited love! Look for a passionate fire sign who can match the intensity of your feelings.

Best color: Violet
Best job: Preschool teacher
Best style: Hippie

Social, Popular, Sweet
The expression, “You can attract more flies with honey than vinegar” holds true for people, too, and you’re living proof that staying sweet can mean a big social payoff. People are drawn to you like moths to a flame, and very few ever make their way out of your orbit. Your friends look to you for plans, support, and to be a 24/7 cheerleader. Just make sure your need to please isn’t concealing deeper feelings that need to be expressed. Nothing causes a bad taste in your mouth like artificial sugar.
+/-: From the outside it looks like you have it all, but deep down you worry your friends will bail if they discover your inner dork. Newsflash: your true friends love you for you—closet crochet expert and everything—not just for the fact that your disposition makes snickers look sweet.
Friend Match: You get a new friend request practically every day on your MySpace page, and your Top 8 is always shifting around. That’s because you’re ruled by the Planet Venus, which makes you extremely magnetic.
Love Match: A soft-spoken Scorpio has you hoping for a special valentine. But what seems standoffish may just be shyness, so don’t be afraid to step up and give him a sign.
Best accessory: Kleenex (for when your BFF comes to talk to you about her most recent heartbreak)
Best hobby: Spirit squad
Best pet: Labradoodle


Idealistic, Spontaneous, Natural

You like to live life au naturel: from your all-organic hemp-weave t-shirts to your no-stress policy on school (and hair styles, Ms. Ponytail Princess), you subscribe to the less-is-more philosophy. The only things high maintenance in your life are your principles: you see opportunities for improvement everywhere and are a firm believer in working hard for change. Just not when “work” involves math and “change” involves grades!

+/-: Living life in the here and now is like a house made entirely from cheeseburgers: fine in theory, but in practice? After a few days, it stinks. Every so often it’s important to plan ahead.

Friend Match: Even though you seem flighty, when it comes to friendships you’re as solid as they come. To you, a BFF really is forever, and you have to know you can trust someone before you open up. A super loyal Pisces has the same idea.

Love Match: There’s a certain Leo in your class who’s got all the girls saying meow. He’s way too self-centered and egotistical for you, though. You’ll take an oh-so-modest (and oh-so-adorable) Libra guitar player any day.

Best date: A walk in the park
Best job: Head of a non-profit organization
Style icon: Drew Barrymore

Conceptual, Open, Intuitive
You’re so in touch with what other people are thinking you could have your own hotline: 1-800-IC-SECRTS. Extraordinarily perceptive when it comes to others, you’re equally as clued in to your own feelings, and you always make a point to go with your gut. Your super-powered sensitivity to others is a double-edged gift, however: make sure your chakras don’t get disrupted by negative energy.
+/-: Being privy to so much private info puts a heavy burden on you, so make sure you don’t blurt out someone else’s secret at the wrong time. Just because it’s obvious to you your BFF is fiendishly crushing on a cutie soccer player doesn’t mean it’s common knowledge!
Friend Match: Your closest peeps know you’ve got a heart of gold, but you’re a little reserved around people you’ve just met. A fellow Aquarius can help you break the ice super quickly – after five minutes, it’ll be like you’ve been friends forever.
Love Match: Your usually flawless intuition falters when it comes to your crushes, particularly the sun-ruled guy you’ve been drooling over forever. Sure, he’s super hot, but you don’t need a magic 8-ball to tell you he’s self-centered. Outlook not good!
Best color: Peach
Best hobby: Teen helpline
Best vacation spot: Spa in the mountains


Colorful, Optimistic, Productive

Opportunity doesn’t even have to knock on your door. As soon as you see it rolling down the street, you’re already claiming shotgun in its ride. You believe in the power of positive thinking and aren’t the type to rely on good luck charms and knocking on wood. You make your own luck—setbacks and disappointments never trip you up. Your motto is: the sun’ll come out tomorrow. And if not, you’ve been looking for an excuse to rock your rain boots!

+/-: It’s great that you’re always on the go, but riding so hard just leads to a big old burnout. Take time to chill and refuel. Your friends will appreciate the down-time and it will leave you totally refreshed.

Friend Match: When your moody Moon-ruled pal is struggling to get her homework done every morning before class, you can tutor her in math and help her manage her time better. It’s worth it. When she’s in a good mood, she’s the perfect partner in crime (who else would pretend to be British with you while cruising for cuties at the mall?)

Love Match: Your Capricorn crush may not think of you as girlfriend material, but you don’t throw yourself a pity party. He’ll make an awesome friend, and he knows an easy-going water sign who’ll be your perfect match.

Best accessory: Personal assistant
Best date: Broadway show
Best job: Motivational speaker


Individualistic, Confident, Empathic

Some people march to the beat of their own drummer. You salsa to it. You have a strong sense of self and your friends look up to you for your confidence and charisma. Although you don’t care what other people think—you’re not afraid to speak your mind, declare your love for old scifi movies, or experiment with your fashion choices—you care greatly what they feel, and your BFFs know they can count on you to partner when they need a little spring in their step.

+/-: You definitely don’t shy away from conflict, but all the soap opera twists and turns in the world won’t stop the constant drama from getting tiring. Learn to back off of arguments before your network rating takes a plummet.

Friend Match: Your Taurus BFF always looks to you for homework help and emotional support, but what really cements your friendship is the fact that neither of you cares what other people think. Just make sure you don’t get stuck hanging out with the same people 24/7—it’s important for both of you to bust out of your bubble.

Love Match: You may be falling for a Summer-born daredevil, but there’s a problem: he’s got his eyes on someone else! Try to broaden your horizons; an adorable Aries will be able to give as good as he gets, and your heated arguments could easily lead to a different kind of spark.

Best job: Self-help guru
Best pet: Parakeet
Star match: Emma Roberts

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On the day you were born...


Spontaneous, Funny, Talented

You like to live life the same way you solve math problems. . .guess and check (oh—and cross your fingers, hoping for the best!). Carefree and laid back, you think planning and studying are a snooze, and your friends know you’re up for anything, anytime. Your allergy to all things arranged applies to your sense of humor as well: your friends know and love the outrageous (and sometimes inappropriate) things you say.

+/-: Make sure your carpe diem approach doesn’t get you in trouble, like when you fail to prepare yet another bio assignment. Nothing can kill a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants attitude like getting hung out to dry.

Friend Match: Your BFF is ruled by super-serious Saturn, so it’s no wonder she gets frustrated when you’re always at least fifteen minutes late. Nevertheless, her organized and practical mind provides the perfect balance to your more relaxed approach to life.

Love Match: Right now you’re feeling an animal-loving Aries, but let’s face it: your tastes change more often than a stoplight. All that may change when you meet a Capricorn who’s even more indecisive than you. Watch out: sparks will fly, but he’s not the type to settle down.

Best accessory: Amex card (in case your recklessness gets you into a bind…again)
Best color: Yellow
Star match: Isla Fisher

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to You and You and You


Sophisticated, Persevering, Aloof

Du caviar, s’il vous plait? If life is a box of chocolates, you’re a champagne-filled Godiva truffle. You’re so sophisticated you could make the Queen of England seem gauche, and your attention to detail (you can spot a faux-Prada bag from a mile off) means you’re a perfectionist about everything. Just make sure your snooty attitude doesn’t have other people saying non merci.

+/-: Your meet-and-greet skills leave something to be desired. Even ultra-VIP rooms are meant to be shared, so every so often you might want to give the common people a shot. Pizza and scary movies may not be luxe, but they can be as fun as any four-star evening.

Friend Match: It’s tough for you to just spill your guts to a lot of people, so big sleepover parties aren’t exactly your thing. But your Gemini BFF is a different story. You can trust her never to spread your secrets, and her honesty with you—you’re the only person who knows she faints at the sight of blood!—helps you open up.

Love Match: You’re in your own world most of the time, which is why you barely notice when a cute Uranus-ruled boy starts flirting with you in the lunch line. Don’t judge him just because of his sticker-covered skateboard—you might be surprised by how much you have in common.

Best accessory: Jet black Porsche
Best style: Haute couture
Best vacation spot: Five-star hotel in Milan

Monday, February 1, 2010

Born on the 1st of Feb...


Strong-Willed, Witty, Grounded

If you were a plant, you’d be an oak tree: strong roots keep you grounded in all kinds of weather (fights between best friends, midterm stress, little sibs) and it’s best to avoid bumping heads with you. But just because you have the rooted-ness of a tree doesn’t mean you’re all bark—you’ve got some bite in you, too. You’ve got a scathing sense of humor that’s always spot on. Compromising isn’t your strong suit, so try and be more flexible. You know what they say—what doesn’t bend, breaks.

+/-: Your witty comebacks crack up your friends, but you have to know the time and the place. Ease up on your criticisms and learn to live and let live.

Friend Match: You and your Autumn-born BFF have similar temperaments—and a similar tendency to hold onto grudges. But after a falling out you’re going to be the one who apologizes—friendship is way more important than pride.

Love Match: A boy born on the 12th is desperate to go out with you, but his scheming social climbing should have you rolling your eyes. Stick with a loyal Leo boy who has kept the same solid crew since middle school. He’ll show the same dedication to you.

Best color: Red
Best job: Talk show host
Best pet: German shepherd

Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29th is where the party's at!


Social, Sensible, Fun-Loving

You should be a musical instrument, because you're all about harmony. Though you'll definitely stand up and defend your beliefs--like the cruelty of your school's dress code!--for the most part you just want everyone to get along. Though practical and accomplished, you also have a passive side that makes it difficult for you to confront challenges head-on and super easy to procrastinate. And with a ton of friends flocking to you for your take-it-easy vibe, you've got a ton of reasons not to tackle that homework!

+/-: You're a lover, not a fighter, but everyone needs at least a little armor to protect them from everyday abuse. Work on building self-esteem so that other people's opinions--good or bad--don't have so much effect on you.

Friend Match: These ruled by the number 2 tend to make great partners, so it’s no wonder that both you and a BFF whose birthday falls on the 2nd will be practically joined at the hip, agreeing on everything from TV shows to the best brand of spaghetti sauce (Classico!).

Love Match: Like you, a Libra boy will like to keep things laid-back and light, but his studious side will be a good influence when you're tempted to put off your math homework again.

Best accessory: YoYo (Fun. Colorful. Retro. It’s sure to brighten anyone’s mood!)
Star match: Oprah Winfrey
Best style: Hippie

Thursday, January 28, 2010

If you were born on January 28th...


Gutsy, Strong-Willed, Driven

If you were a book, you'd be the Guinness Book of World Records: your whole raison d'etre is pushing limits and mind-boggling achievements (now if only you could learn to juggle 27 balls at a time). You're extremely ambitious but realistic about your abilities, which means that although some of your choices may seem reckless to others, you're actually always in control. Athletic and fearless, you're excellent at sports, but equally good at activities that require mental stamina.

+/-: You love trying out new things and tend to bounce around from activity to activity, which means your track record of actually fulfilling commitments is more spotty than a preschooler's napkin. Finish one challenge before you tackle another.

Friend Match: Girls just want to have fun, and you and a fellow air sign give new meaning to the term social butterfly. Wherever the two of you go you're bound to be the life of the party!

Love Match: It's no wonder you're attracted to a fearless Aquarius with a reputation for pulling pranks; you're exactly the same way. Once you get together it will be a 24/7 comedy--just make sure it's not called Dumb and Dumber!

Star match: Sarah McLachlan
Best hobby: Volunteer work
Theme song: Such Great Heights – Iron and Wine

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays


Bright, Quick, Precocious

You give new meaning to the term child star: wise beyond your years, from an early age you exhibited talents, skills, and emotions remarkable in someone so young. Doing things quickly is big for you: you talk fast, walk fast, and make snap decisions, sometimes without thinking (does the decision to TP your math teacher's house on Halloween ring any bells?). Because you're so bright, there's a lot of pressure on you to succeed. Don't be afraid to draw the line, or you just might end up on the cover of Us Weekly as the latest has-been.

+/-: You’ve got the brains of someone twice your age but a tendency to act immature. Some childish pleasures are fun (like ice cream trucks), but when your ‘rents want you to grow up and take responsibility for your actions, no tantrums allowed.

Friend Match: A super-serious Moon-ruled friend needs you to crack her up when she's stressing out over her science lab, and you need her shoulder to lean on when life (and your curfew) seems unfair.

Love Match: Because you're so impulsive, you need someone with more focus and grounding to keep you from making really bad choices. A realistic Capricorn has the presence of mind (and strength of will!) to talk you out of some of your crazier ideas.

Best color: Copper
Best date: Foreign film festival
Style icon: Angelina Jolie


Active, Dramatic, Confident

You're just like Bowling Night: all about the impressive strike. Like the best military strategists, you know when and how to act when you need to get your way--which is, for you, 24/7. When it comes to getting what you want--whether it's a puppy or a pair of new Steve Maddens--your determination has no limits, and there isn't anyone who can beat you in an argument once you get on a roll. You cherish your beliefs and don't care who disagrees with you.

+/-: You’re determined to be a star athlete, stellar student, and devoted daughter. But it’s okay to give yourself a break once in a while! Not everyone can be on 100% of the time, and as long as you try your best, everyone will understand if you need some time to relax.

Friend Match: You play planner for your whole crew, but if you ever get tired of being social director, keep a passionate and creative Scorpio close who will remind you that not everything in life should be predictable.

Love Match: You have a tendency to be all work and no play, so to keep things from getting too dull team up with a guy who likes to keep things light, like a Libra. Unlike an Aquarius he won't ever act immature, but he will keep you from becoming a hermit during finals week.

Best hobby: Figure skating
Star match: Ellen DeGeneres
Best vacation spot: Cruise ship in Alaska

Monday, January 25, 2010

If you were born on the 25th of January...


Talented, Interesting, Successful

If life is a highway you're the asphalt: totally tough, you're there for every dip, rise, and bump in the road. You feed off chaos, which is why you don't mind family reunions, finals week, or running around from field hockey to sculpture class to choir practice. Talented and energetic, you are never in one place--emotionally or physically--for long. You've had more crushes than a steamroller and more blowouts than a hair salon, but you stay focused on your goals no matter what twists and turns life throws at you.

+/-: It's great that you have so much perseverance, but swimming against the current will just leave you exhausted. Every so often you need to relax and go with the flow. Whatever will be will be.

Friend Match: Even though you're studious and serious, like all Aquarius you love to have a good time. That's why you need a crazy and outgoing Aries to keep you giggling 24/7.

Love Match: It's extremely hard for you to admit weakness, so even if you're head-over-heels with a floppy-haired Gemini (and his amazing art projects) you're not going to admit it. But if you want the relationship to move forward you'll have to make the first move--believe it or not, your "hints" are harder to read than Moby Dick.

Best accessory: Stress ball
Best job: Fashion magazine editor
Star match: Alicia Keys

Amy Astley -- Book Signing ~ WHAT! WHAT!

Check out these photos from a recent Teen Vogue Handbook signing with Amy Astley, Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue!

Friday, January 22, 2010

What's Happening January 22nd B-day People?


Emotional, Explosive, Exciting

You're just like a mug of steaming hot chocolate: impossible to resist, with a tendency to scorch. Intensely energetic and extremely impulsive, you're a classic wild child: loads of fun, the intensity of your personality can also burn people who get too close. Because you're independent, intuitive, and fearless, though, a ton of friends are willing to take the risk--and get rewarded by your sweetness big time.

+/-: The occasional need to vent is normal; flying-off-the-handle in a rage whenever something doesn't go your way is not. Take some deep breaths the next time you're seeing red, or you'll get blacklisted by your friends and fam.

Friend Match: A know-it-all Taurus friend can be a little annoying, but when you want to leap before you look she'll be your eyes and steer you away from the danger zone--like leopard print tights and the bad boy in your art class.

Love Match: Your high energy and need for fun means your idea of a date is definitely not couch time + Sports Center. You need a guy who's as fearless and outgoing as you are, like a super-social Aries.

Best accessory: Hiking gear
Best date: Skydiving
Theme song: Holiday – Weezer

Thursday, January 21, 2010

You were born in the last week...


Diligent, Steady, Thorough

You're a glass all-full girl; you can't stand to leave anything half-finished or partially undone. Ruled by the idea of fulfillment, you're extremely dedicated to the activities and projects you pursue but equally obsessed with guarding your close friendships and finding a long-term relationship (month-to-month crushes so aren't your thing). You need lots of positive reenforcement--you practically invented the question, "Does this make my butt look fat?"--and have to work hard to find confidence and happiness on your own. It's true what they say: if you love yourself first, the rest will fall into place (including Mr. Perfect).

+/-: Being such a hard worker definitely pays off, but be careful of biting off more than you can chew. Running for social chair may sound appealing, but your commitments are stacking up so quickly you're bound to choke.

Friend Match: A Scorpio in your close crew is the definition of the word frenemy, always undermining you when you need a leg up. Go ahead and trade up for a Sun-ruled Leo who will always be your cheerleader.

Love Match: Your usual routine is thrown off balance by an explosive Uranus-ruled guy with a penchant for troublemaking.

Best date: Walk along the pier
Best job: High School principal
Star match: Kate Moss


Independent, Forceful, Expressive

You could be a boxer, because when it comes to getting your way you are the heavyweight champion of the whole astrological year. Goal-oriented and ultra-direct, you always make your presence felt, whether you're taking control of a group project or strutting--never walking!--into the cafeteria. Your close friends know better than to argue with you; just like the final chapter of a book, you always get the last word.

+/-: You and the fourth of July have something in common: all about independence. Wanting to do your own thing is one thing, but refusing to play well with others will leave you celebrating every holiday on your lonesome. Practice compromise.

Friend Match: You and a Jupiter-ruled friend have been BFF forever. Why? Your bluntness can be hard to handle, but this level-headed girl doesn’t so much as blink when you start on one of your rants.

Love Match: When it comes to romance, you can be the equivalent of a linebacker--intimidating. Good thing a confident and mischievous boy born in early May knows how to push right back.

Best color: Orange
Best pet: Pitbull
Star match: Zooey Deschanel


Imaginative, Naïve, Fun

If you were a Disney character, you'd be Peter Pan, because you never want to grow up. You love having fun and being silly just as much as you did as a child, and getting older doesn't hold that much appeal (um….responsibility? More homework? No thank you). You crave constant excitement and tend to spend a lot of time in your head, fantasizing about your own private version of Never-Never Land (which just happens to involve a hot boy from your math class). Make sure once in a while you touch down to earth.

+/-: You tend to run away from anything that's painful (including homework, confrontations, and extra-high heels). In real life it's important to learn how to balance work and fun. Try to get over your fear of all things serious, or everyone will start thinking of you as a joke.

Friend Match: You can be pretty gullible, so you need a trusty earth-sign friend to keep you grounded. When you totally fall for something (an unused iPhone for only $15??), she’ll keep you clued in to the joke before you become the punch line.

Love Match: Ironically, though you're fun and playful (and occasionally immature), your best relationship bet is to a totally-together Taurus who acts way older than his age. Opposites attract, and in this case it's all about balance.

Best job: Preschool teacher
Best hobby: Who cares if you’re friends think it’s silly? You’re awesome at jump roping.
Theme song: I’m Like a Bird – Nelly Furtado


Electric, Creative, Influential

You're just like LASIK: all about vision. You've got the true soul of an artist (many famous singers, painters, and writers were born on this day), spending most of your time in your own fantasy world and refusing to compromise your ideals, beliefs, and desires. Super intense and ultra creative, you find it almost impossible to do everyday things like clean your room, do your homework, or listen to your teachers, which means you often find yourself at odds with others.

+/-: You've got the energy of a fireworks display--but just like fireworks, you have a tendency to burn out quickly. Your moods are constantly shifting (thrilled one minute, devastated the next). Work to create balance and stability in your life.

Friend Match: Playing well with others isn't your thing, but you and a Gemini friend have similarly artistic temperaments--and a similar tendency to explode when things don't go your way. Oh, well. All that arguing just fuels your creative fire.

Love Match: Sun-ruled guys have a tendency to think the world revolves around them (big surprise). You're attracted to confident attitudes but won't let yourself be bossed around, so expect a tug-of-war when you try to make it work with a boy born in late April.

Best accessory: Oil paints and a canvas, natch
Best date: Snorkeling
Star match: Janis Joplin


Expressive, Spontaneous, Big-Hearted

You have the same motto as Nike: Just Do It. If you get the urge to act, you always go for it, whether your gut is telling you to snap up two pairs of the newest must-have jeans or shimmy on the dance floor while everyone else is still standing by the beverage table. You have a great sense of humor and don't take yourself--or life--too seriously. No matter how crazy your schedule is or what kind of drama is going down at school, you're confident you can handle whatever comes your way.

+/-: There's no doubt people look up to you for your optimism and positivity, but you can't always take center-stage. When your BFF is telling a story don't interrupt or try to compete with a story of your own; it just makes you seem petty.

Friend Match: You play cheerleader for a sensitive Pisces friend, and she plays artistic director. Who else would make like a five-year-old and spend a whole afternoon finger painting with you?

Love Match: A serious Saturn-ruled cutie may be staying away because he thinks you're superficial. Once he realizes that you just like to have fun, he'll be tempted to loosen up around you--and you may find yourself opening up to him about way more than juicy gossip and the latest lip gloss color.

Best color: Indigo
Best date: Day at the beach
Best pet: Dalmatian


Magnetic, Colorful, Open

You're just like an ice cube in water: headed straight for the top. A true trendsetter, if you start rocking wide leg jeans with a sailor button fly you can guarantee that everyone in school will start doing the same. Ambitious, competitive, and driven, you also know how to kick back and veg when it's time to relax. You're very persuasive so people line up to follow your lead, and you can be friends with just about anybody (except for Smelly Boy in your science class).

+/-: You know you want to be the best at whatever you do, but you have a hard time settling on any one goal for long. Beware of Dandruff Dilemma--stop drifting!

Friend Match: You suffer from a serious case of whiplash, always whipping around to watch your friends follow behind you. That's why a confident and outspoken Leo is your ideal BFF. She'll set the pace, not just follow in your footsteps.

Love Match: Whether you like to admit it or not, you're a heartbreaker. Often you don't perceive the effects of your actions on others, so if an Aries guy is too flaky for you, stop smiling at him and offering homework help. Instead look for a more driven Sagittarius whose ambitious energies match your own.

Best hobby: Knitting (all the celebs do it to relax)
Star match: Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice)
Best style: Retro

Friday, January 15, 2010

To all you January 15th b-day peeps....


Idealistic, Fun-Loving, Heroic

If you were a TV show you would be Heroes; you may not have a secret identity (or a fabulous superhero outfit), but whenever there's a crisis your friends, parents, and teachers can count on you to step up to the plate. Mom running late and can't pick up your little sis? You'll swoop in on your bike and solve the problem. BFF's boyfriend dumped her on Valentine's Day? You're there with a box of tissues and a pint of ice cream before she can say sniffle. Just remember to pick your battles, as going head to head with everybody you meet will just leave you with a headache.

+/-: Every superhero has a super-weakness, and yours is being too stubborn and refusing to listen to other people's advice. Keep your mind and your heart open.

Friend Match: You can’t stand any kind of unfairness, and a balance-obsessed Libra is exactly the same way. You'll see eye to eye about almost everything, making her the perfect sidekick.

Love Match: Every girl knows that boys can be dogs, but don’t let one self-centered Sagittarius ruin you on all guys. Just because he was a mutt, doesn’t mean that there’s not some serious puppy love in your future with a certain cutie born in early August.

Best accessory: Swiss army knife (a hot pink one, of course!)
Star match: Regina King
Best vacation spot: Youth hostel in Switzerland

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Born on the 14th of January...


Indomitable, Courageous, Organized

You're like a SONY IMAX movie screen: all about the big picture. While some people get snagged up on the details, you're able to take a step back and see the whole problem and the whole solution, which makes you an excellent team captain and the perfect leader on group projects. For this reason you don't shy away from difficult situations--like advanced math classes or malls the day after Thanksgiving. It's not that you're attracted to danger, it's just that you have no fear. In a film about your life, your attitude would put the red-carpet rave in bravery.

+/-: When you witness an injustice (like someone cutting in front of the snack line!), you’re on it before you can say “nacho cheese.” But some battles aren’t yours to fight, or just aren’t worth the hassle, so learn to tell the difference.

Friend Match: Any best friend of yours has to be prepared to cover you when you're headed for a war zone (again). A courageous and faithful Taurus BFF will have your back when you're pleading your No-Grounding case to your 'rents.

Love Match: Nothing drives you crazier than someone who doesn't speak his mind, which is why your heart start skipping beats when an opinionated and outgoing Taurus waltzes into your English class--and your life.

Best color: Sapphire
Best job: Federal judge
Theme song: Revolution – The Beatles

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

David Walliams' Appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show

We all know that David Walliams, creator of the television program Little Britain and author of the recently released The Boy in the Dress, is hysterically funny.
Wait, what? You don't know??? Where have you been?
Well, take my word for it that he's an absolute superstar in Great Britain.
Don't believe me?
Only one thing to do: Check out this video of him on The Bonnie Hunt Show from January 7th.

Now I know all you slackers out there won't watch the video, but let me tell you: When David makes his appearance in the movie Dinner With Schmucks with Steve Carrell and you're the only one who doesn't know who the funny "Swiss" guy is, you'll be the one who's behind the eight ball.

Best to jump on the bandwagon now. Don't you think?

Happy birthday to all you January 13ers!


Goal-Oriented, Proud, Autonomous

If life was a high-end gym, you'd be the stairclimber: you're all about social mobility. You've got places to be and people to see, and you're not afraid to step on the little people to get what you want. You lust after Gucci bags the way some people crave chocolate, and your dream is to become a high-powered attorney or businesswoman (good thing you're practicing those argumentative skills with your 'rents now!) You’ve definitely got your pride, so it can be hard for you to admit any kind of mistake.

+/-: It's fine to be ambitious, but just remember what they say: the toes you step on today could be connected to the butt you kiss tomorrow. Try not to burn bridges.

Friend Match: When it comes to new people, you can be a little guarded. That’s why you need a feisty fire-sign BFF to help bring you out of your shell – when you start to let loose, you can be the life of the party!

Love Match: You’ve got a crush on someone new practically every week, a soulful and sincere Mercury-ruled boy might have you singing the praises of coupling off for good.

Best pet: Maltese
Star match: Seventeen Magazine’s former editor-in-chief Atoosa Rubenstein (She knows a thing or two about climbing the corporate ladder!)
Best style: Mod

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Listen Up, January 12th B-day People!


Inspirational, Committed, Lively

You should be a C.E.O., because you're all about taking care of business. You're the go-to girl for food drives, bake sales, and volunteer time, and you're quick to pick up a new cause (Save the trees! Go green!). Never one to hide your feelings, you always speak your mind. Unfortunately there's one business you're not so good at--minding your own! Not everyone's as outspoken as you, so be careful not to spill someone else's secrets.

+/-: The fact that you talk a mile a minute is charming--you're enthusiastic--but the fact that you have an opinion on eva-rything from the color of your BFF's nails to the best way to eat an ice cream cone occasionally makes you seem full of yourself. Let someone else get a word in edgewise.

Friend Match: You’ve got a ton of names in your cell’s phonebook, but only your Neptune-ruled BFF on speed-dial. Her active imagination is the perfect counterpoint for your get-‘er’-done ways.

Love Match: A brown-eyed Aquarius has caught your eye, but his flighty ways and inability to make plans will drive you crazy. Stick with a steady basketball-playing Leo with a killer smile.

Best accessory: LIVESTRONG bracelet (you were one of the first people to wear one, obvs)
Best hobby: Teen helpline
Theme song: A Little Less Conversation – Elvis Presley

Monday, January 11, 2010

If you were born on January 11th, you're a birthday twin with one of our editors!

Lucky you!


Independent, Capable, Strong-Willed

You’re just like a standardized test, because you’re all about evaluation. You have an opinion about everything (and, let’s face it, you’re usually right!) and at a party are most likely to be found on the sidelines, scoping out the scene--which is why you can usually spot hookups and breakups before they happen. Super set in your ideas, you’re not the kind of girl to be tempted by peer pressure, and anyone waiting for you to fall in line better forget about it.

+/-: You’re right 99% of the time, but nobody’s perfect. If you make a mistake, own up to it. You can do anything, including pronouncing the two hardest words in the English language to say: “I’m sorry.”

Friend Match: When your mind’s made up, there’s no point trying to change it, but that doesn't stop your passionate Libra BFF from debating the merits of Rocky Road vs. Cherry Garcia with you all night long. You love how she stands up for what she believes in!

Love Match: A sensitive air-sign cutie in your class is intrigued by your take charge attitude, but intimidated by your intensity. Smile at him once in a while, and he’ll see that your bark is way worse than your bite.

Best accessory Bright red Chuck Taylors
Best date: Political rally
Star match: Mary J. Blige

Friday, January 8, 2010

January 8th -- It's a Friday! Yay Friday! And Happy Birthday to You!


Confident, Influential, Intense

You’re just like a ten-car pileup, because you’re all about making an impact. It’s not that you’re prone to explosions--you like to keep the drama in check--but whether you’re striding down the hallway or kicking butt on the soccer field, it’s all about making an impression. You have amazing powers of concentration (you rock standardized tests) and have an innate sense of timing, meaning you crack your friends up on the regular.

+/-: Your motto is, My Way or the Highway, but it’s a lonely road to travel when you’re always insisting there’s only one right way. Learn to forgive and accept other people’s point of view.

Friend Match: Because you both insist on having your way, you and a Fall-born BFF have an explosive relationship, with more ins and outs than an episode of Project Runway. Friendship should never go out of fashion so try and work on compromising.

Love Match: You can be very intimidating, so you need a guy with a strong sense of self to serve as your match. But don't confuse someone who hangs back with someone who's afraid to step up: a quiet, music-loving Scorpio who flies under the radar has more than enough confidence to pair up with you.

Best hobby: High school radio station
Best style: Bollywood
Best vacation spot: Celeb hotspot in Cannes

Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7th B-day Time


Intuitive, Tolerant, Imaginative

You know that, like parachutes, minds work best when they’re open. You love new people and new ideas, and your creative pursuits are as varied as your fashion choices (uptown girl-next-door chic one day, downtown tragic-artist-hip the next). It’s cool that you’re so OPEN, but as a result you can fall victim to negative vibes from friends and family. When someone tries to take the wind out of your sails, just blow them off.

+/-: Daydreaming is healthy. Daydreaming in the middle of your math quiz? Not so much. Make sure you check back into the real world every so often, since even you can’t imagine your way out of detention.

Friend Match: A quirky Pisces pal has an appreciation for all things unusual (like old scifi movies and browsing thrift stores for original fashion finds), just like you.

Love Match: You believe in fate, and you're pretty sure that your destiny involves a certain blue-eyed Leo who always seems to be hanging around. Trust your gut: his honesty and humor makes him the kind of guy you're lucky to have on your side.

Best job: Activist
Style icon: Drew Barrymore
Theme song: Our Time Now – Plain White T’s

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6th is where it's at!


Faithful, Accepting, Inquisitive

You're just like change for a dollar, because you're always trying to make sense. Understanding the truth about yourself and the world around you is super important to you, which means you ask, "Why?" more often than the kids you babysit for. By nature an explorer, you're adventurous and courageous and don't shy away from scary situations, whether it's attempting the new roller coaster at Six Flags or asking your crush to dance at the Spring Fling.

+/- Because you're always reading and asking questions, you have an encyclopedic knowledge of everything from tomato varietals to the mating habits of bees. Sometimes you can slip into being more preacher than friend, so save the lectures for school.

Friend Match: A head-in-the-clouds Pisces friend helps bring out your spiritual and creative sides, and in return your feet-on-the-ground approach keeps her from completely floating away.

Love Match: A fellow earth sign might be most compatible in the long-term, but a passionate and inquisitive fire sign will have you asking a new question: "What's love got to do with it?"

Best accessory: Google
Best color: Mint green
Best job: FBI Agent

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So you were born on January 5th...


Serious, Resilient, Resourceful

When life hands you lemons, you make organic lemon-infused mint iced tea; when a door closes in your face, you sneak in through the window. Studious, serious, and reliable, you’re not exactly a troublemaker, but you can see your way out of any mess without breaking a sweat (or smudging your lip gloss).

+/-: Your report card proves how serious you are about your studies. But keep in mind there’s one “F” that’s worth having: Fun! Make sure your next extra-credit assignment is a plan to let loose.

Friend Match: You need a friend who’ll be your biggest cheerleader, so look to a gungo-ho Aries who will happily sing your praises (pom-poms optional). She’ll give you that extra push you need to achieve your dreams.

Love Match: Leos are famous for their loyalty and protectiveness, and you definitely need a guy who will stand by you when you're explaining your way out of detention (it's not your fault the quickest way to first period is through the boy's locker room!).

Best date: Surprise picnic in your backyard
Best hobby: Fashion design
Star match: Carrie Ann Inaba

Monday, January 4, 2010

And now for January 4th...


Conceptual, Structured, Pragmatic

In the great puzzle of life, you’re the girl lining up the pieces. An excellent problem solver, your friends know they can count on you to straighten out the Mega-Messes, like what to do when your heel breaks in mid-march or how to decipher your math teacher’s mysterious homework assignments. But don’t be afraid of not having all of the answers: sometimes the picture’s actually prettier when the edges don’t quite line up.

+/-: You’re a great girl to have along for a road trip, because you’ve got the route totally planned out. But sometimes the unpredictable detours are the most fun, so don’t shy away from straying off the path.

Friend Match: A sloppy Scorpio friend will drive you crazy with her laissez-fair attitude towards homework and housework (read: her bedroom looks like a natural-disaster-area). But her crazy sense of humor and 24/7 energy will help you loosen up.

Love Match: A charming fire sign who's always chatting you up makes your insides go fluttery, but you're not the only girl who's getting a dose of his attention. When it comes to love you're all or nothing, so stick with a loyal (and adorable) Taurus who can keep his eyes on you.

Best color: Sky blue
Best job: ER doctor
Best vacation spot: Small cottage in Ireland

Birthday Backlog BEGINS NOW!

Sorry for the delay in our b-day postings! The Penguin offices were closed for the holidays. But, in case any of you out there have been waiting with bated breath, here you go!


Active, Responsible, Dynamic

You're just like a jackhammer: always breaking new ground. Whether petitioning your school to get a Taco Bell in the caf or being the first girl to win the State math competition, you're always looking for ways to do things bigger and better. But although you're definitely a dreamer, you're no radical or rebel: in fact, you tend to be very cautious when it comes to pursuing your plans and you consider problems carefully before you try and tackle them.

+/-: You should be a crotchety old grandmother, because you can't stand it when people talk back to you. Lose the old-woman-attitude and listen when people have other points of view; it's the only way to learn.

Friend Match: Face it: you can be bossy. At first you may not appreciate it that an equally strong-willed fire-sign gives as good as she gets, but after a while you'll love her for keeping you in check (and being your #1 ally).

Love Match: You love the thrill of the chase, so a Mercury-ruled Virgo who's not giving you the time of day will set your heart beating faster. Keep your eye on the prize and remember that his private side makes it difficult for him to open up--but once you bring the heat, he's bound to melt.

Best color: Hazel
Best job: Architect
Style icon: Madonna


Visionary, Dramatic, Emotional

You're just like a dog swimming in the ocean: no matter how rough the waves get, you always keep your head above water. Those born on December 24th can typically expect lives filled with emotional challenges--and rewards--more intense than other people's. Intuitive and passionate, you're quick to react (both positively and negatively) to other people. And though you often sweat the small stuff, you take equal amounts of joy in life's little pleasures.

+/-: You may be super smart, but when it comes to learning from your mistakes your report card blush. When something goes wrong, don't pretend it didn't happen. You'll never be able to avoid tripping up if you don't look back down the path to see what made you fumble.

Friend Match: You have so many emotional emergencies, you should have 911 on speed dial. Thank goodness a level-headed Libra's there when you need someone to lean on. Her advice is always spot-on.

Love Match: You've got an artist's soul, and any guy who chills with you had better be cool with spending hours debating a movie over mochas and dancing in the rain at midnight. A sensitive and passionate Scorpio will bring you all of the romance you crave.

Best date: Seeing a play
Star match: Stephenie Meyer
Theme song: Breathe – Anna Nalick


Successful, Bold, Curious

If you were a movie, you'd be Ghost Busters: all about the supernatural. Artistic, creative, and unique, you're inspired by the unusual side of life, which is why you're more likely to be holding a seance or learning belly-dance than trying out for the soccer team. Your desire to explore the outer limits means you're a risk-taker and a boundary-pusher--when it comes to pursuing your dreams, you're always willing to go the extra mile.

+/-: There's a difference between being a realist and a pessimist, so while it doesn't hurt to keep your feet on the ground, that doesn't mean you have to lose your sense of wonder and appreciation.

Friend Match: Sometimes you get so wrapped up in the pursuit of a goal, you forget one of the most important goals: have fun! Luckily, a Gemini BFF reminds you to loosen up (one word: karaoke).

Love Match: Once you spy a unique Pisces with a take-me-or-leave-me 'tude you'll know you've found The One. Just remember that the influence of Neptune on his sign makes him independent, so make sure you give him space when you're in hot pursuit of his heart.

Best color: Olive green
Best hobby: Feng Shui
Best vacation spot: Papua New Guinea


Careful, Persevering, Methodical

If you were a boxer, you'd definitely be champion, because nobody's gonna hold you down. You meet challenges head-on and you're not afraid of anyone or anything. Unsurprisingly, you can often come across as rebellious and are always finding yourself in conflict with parents, teachers, and flaky frenemies. But you also have the courage to stand up for truth and fairness on occasions when other (weaker) people run for cover.

+/-: It's a good thing you don't do yoga, because you're totally inflexible. You have your opinions and routines on lock, but you'll never discover new opportunities and friends if you don't learn to lighten up. You don't have to be doing the downward dog to breathe and relax once in a while.

Friend Match: Your inner circle is tougher to get into than an NYC nightclub. But don't write off a Leo just because she had opinions that differ from yours; once you let her in, she'll stay by your side forever and help you fight even your toughest battles.

Love Match: You're used to being the dominant one in your relationships, but that might not be so easy with a headstrong Mars-ruled boy. Maybe it's time you let someone else take the lead.

Best accessory: Sneakers
Best hobby: Swim team
Style icon: Angelina Jolie


Giving, Noble, Devoted

If life were a department store, you'd be its customer service department: you always want to help out. Deeply concerned with the needs of your family, friends, and even community, you're the first to volunteer at a local animal shelter or rush to your BFF's house when she's dealing with heartbreak. You have a great sense of humor and are generally optimistic and happy, though because of your sensitivity to others you get hurt easily.

+/-: You give so much, you may as well be Santa Claus. But make sure you know who goes on the Naughty list before you start doling out hand-outs; not everyone is worth your favors or attention.

+/-: You are NOT a football (you don’t even like the sport!), so don’t let yourself get kicked around. Make sure you surround yourself with people who won't take advantage of your kindness, like an equally generous Cancer for whom friendship is golden.

Friend Match: One thing you're definitely not into? Guys who act like they're God's gift to the world. Soon you'll be singing your R-E-S-P-E-C-T for a good-natured Sagittarius understands life's real blessings--like family and friends.

Best job: Head of a charity organization
Best style: Casual
Theme song: Give a Little Bit – Goo Goo Dolls


Self-Assured, Sophisticated, Smart

You're just like a classic Chanel quilted bag: simple and sophisticated. You have a solid, grounded energy that nonetheless carries with it a kind of je-ne-sais-quoi; your elegance comes from the fact that you know exactly who you are and what you want. No matter how much you blossom you never forget your roots, and your earthiness lends you a confidence and appeal that makes other people gravitate to you.

+/-: You love to be appreciated, and you've got plenty of admirers to make you feel special. But sometimes it pays to step off that pedestal and mingle with the common peeps. Holding a pose 24/7 is bound to get boring.

Friend Match: You're always down to dole out advice, and you've got a group of girlfriends hanging on your every word. Just make sure you've got your own Dr. Phil for times of trouble, like a loyal and even-tempered Leo who's always willing to lend an ear.

Love Match: You get so much chocolate on Valentine's Day, you could open up your own candy store. It's cool that you inspire so many crushes, but make sure to hold out for a cool and sophisticated Scorpio who thinks outside of the (chocolate) box.

Best accessory: Vintage pearl earrings
Best pet: Collie
Style icon: Jackie O


Interesting, Communicative, Commanding

You're just like a duck in water: even when you don't try, you always float to the top. Even though you try to stay out of the spotlight, you somehow always find yourself heading up group projects and organizing your friends' social calendars. But it’s no accident that people turn to you for guidance: you’re strong, sensible, and smart, and you've got a low-key sense of humor that carries you through when other people's expectations are weighing on you.

+/-: Just like the leader in a game of Simon Says, people do whatever you tell them. But here's another game it pays to know how to play: Sorry. If you mess up, apologize.

Friend Match: Although you love being in a group, you could use some help when it comes to basic social skills (like compromise, and learning to listen to other people's opinions). A Libra who defines the term "social butterfly" can help.

Love Match: Because you're Type-A, most people assume you’re super serious. But an Aquarius cutie will vibe with your ironic sense of humor, so you'll never have to worry about running out of conversation--or laughs--with him.

Best date: You’re happiest just talking over coffee
Best hobby: Teen helpline
Theme song: The Remedy (I Won’t Worry) – Jason Mraz


Capable, Pragmatic, Realistic

You're just like a Stop sign: direct, to the point, and if people know what's good for them, they'll do what they say. Blessed with a natural talent for taking charge, you've got a commanding presence that makes you seem older than your age. You're a true Queen Bee: you want things done right, and you want them done quickly, and although you can be a generous and good-natured friend, you turn vicious when someone calls your authority into question.

+/-: You value honesty and don't see the point of beating around the bush, but certain situations call for a little bit of tact. If your BFF's jeans make her look like a sausage casing, keep it under wraps--just let her know that she looks hotter in the peasant skirt.

Friend Match: You hate mess, so an all-over-the-place Aries drives you crazy with her carelessness and recklessness. But you can't deny her hilarious schemes will keep you entertained--and keep you from getting too uptight.

Love Match: You're a traditional girl, so you want a guy who will take charge of asking you out (you wouldn't mind a bouquet of roses, either). Look for a Leo with an old-school sense of values. . .and a habit of opening doors.

Best color: Seashell
Best date: Dinner and a movie (there’s a reason it’s so cliché)
Star match: Eliza Dushku


Appreciative, Tasteful, Idealistic

If you were a Disney princess, you would be Belle: all about beauty (just no beasts, please!). You spend hours every morning primping in front of the mirror, but people who accuse you of being shallow have got it twisted. You love beauty in all forms, from lyrical poems and classic films to perfect sunsets and amazing couture dresses. You avoid confrontation and always seek harmony and stability, which means you can sometimes seem shy.

+/-: You hate mess, chaos, and ugliness, and when something doesn't please you--whether it's your friend's chartreuse sweater or a news story on TV--you tend to ignore it. But denial is the ugliest thing of all, so learn how to confront your fears (ugh, angora!) head-on.

Friend Match: It's great that you're such an idealist, but you could use an earthier influence to keep your dreams and plans grounded in reality. A serious and sweet-tempered Taurus will help you find your footing.

Love Match: Face it: you've got a serious habit of judging books by their covers. Make sure you don't miss out on a hilarious and fun-loving Aries just because his style's a bit bummy: beneath those shaggy bangs and the rocker t-shirt, he's a total catch.

Best job: Art critic
Star match: Diane von Furstenberg
Theme song: No More Drama – Mary J. Blige


Responsible, Organized, Capable

If life were a big math equation, you would be the plus sign. From the fact that those little suckers get tacked onto every “A” paper you write ("Shoes and Sexism in Shakespearean England"--genius!) to your positive outlook, it all adds up to one thing: you’ve got it together. In fact, there are only three C’s in your life: acting Cool, Calm, and Collected. Unfortunately when it comes to the fourth C—Chilling—you get a big, fat F.

+/-: You want to make sure everybody’s happy, but don’t let your need to make nice get in the way of getting what you deserve. Sometimes it pays to put the puh-leeze back in people pleaser.

Friend Match: You need a BFF who's got her act together just like you, so you're not always playing babysitter (or worse, clean-up crew). A confident Leo will balance out your type-A tendencies with her creativity and love of fun.

Love Match: A hot Scorpio overachiever has been driving you crazy with his know-it-all attitude forever. Will the tension make for an explosive relationship or a steady flame? Only one way to find out.

Best accessory: No-whip Mocha Frappuccino
Best color: Sangria
Best job: Wedding Planner


Reliable, Achieving, Loyal

You’re the human equivalent of a KitchenAid crockpot: you work best when you’re under pressure. Whether it’s a term paper for social studies or helping your BFF select the perfect outfit for a summer barbecue, you always get the job done right. But staying on 24/7 will make any girl want to blow, so be sure and make time to let off some steam.

+/-: When you care about someone, you’ll do anything to help out. But you’ve got worries of your own! As hard as it may be, sometimes you just have to sign “Return to Sender” on other people’s baggage.

Friend Match: When you’re stressing, your Mercury-ruled BFF can help you keep things in perspective. You keep her in line by reminding her that a legwarmer-and-metallic tights combo is more repulsive than retro, and she mixes it up by reminding you not to care so much.

Love Match: In your case opposites really do attract, and you need a laid-back guy who can laugh with (and at) you when you're freaking out about reorganizing your sock drawer by color. A fun-loving Libra will help keep things light.

Best pet: Turtle (not only is it cute, it also reminds you that sometimes you have to slow down!)
Star match: Kate Bosworth
Theme song: Piece of Me – Britney Spears


Trustworthy, Stubborn, Competitive

You may be a lover (as your super close-knit crew can attest) but you’ve definitely got some fight in you, too. Whether you’re holding court about having tuna casserole for dinner (a no-go) or the importance of going green, you always stand up for what you believe. You aren’t afraid to draw a line in the sand and your friends (and enemies!) feel it: some people are plain shut out of your Inner Circle’s cabana.

+/-: It’s great to have strong opinions, but make sure you’re not talking so loudly you miss what other people are saying. It’s not a conversation if only one person’s sharing, and you risk missing out on a friend’s perspective.

Friend Match: An easygoing air-sign friend will let you take the lead, whether you're insisting on Cherry Coke at the movie theater or calling shotgun in her older sib's car.

Love Match: You and a cute Taurus will go head to head on everything from school politics to American Cheese vs. Cheddar. Beneath the constant battling you're both very similar--and a perfect pair!

Best accessory: Your “Save the Whales” bumper sticker is always a conversation starter
Best hobby: Debate team
Best style: Professional