Monday, February 1, 2010

Born on the 1st of Feb...


Strong-Willed, Witty, Grounded

If you were a plant, you’d be an oak tree: strong roots keep you grounded in all kinds of weather (fights between best friends, midterm stress, little sibs) and it’s best to avoid bumping heads with you. But just because you have the rooted-ness of a tree doesn’t mean you’re all bark—you’ve got some bite in you, too. You’ve got a scathing sense of humor that’s always spot on. Compromising isn’t your strong suit, so try and be more flexible. You know what they say—what doesn’t bend, breaks.

+/-: Your witty comebacks crack up your friends, but you have to know the time and the place. Ease up on your criticisms and learn to live and let live.

Friend Match: You and your Autumn-born BFF have similar temperaments—and a similar tendency to hold onto grudges. But after a falling out you’re going to be the one who apologizes—friendship is way more important than pride.

Love Match: A boy born on the 12th is desperate to go out with you, but his scheming social climbing should have you rolling your eyes. Stick with a loyal Leo boy who has kept the same solid crew since middle school. He’ll show the same dedication to you.

Best color: Red
Best job: Talk show host
Best pet: German shepherd

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