Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So Many Birthdays, So Little Time

Sincere, Lively, Entertaining
If life is a stage, you’ve got a pretty solid solo act lined up. You’re full of energy and you love the spotlight, which means your friends often play adoring audience to your one-woman show. But you’re definitely not mindless entertainment: loyal to your friends and family and deeply committed to the things you value, you’re the human equivalent of raspberry sorbet (totally fresh and good for you, even in large doses).
+/-: You’re dynamic and fun, but your serial up-staging may leave your besties contemplating some backstage backstabbing. Make sure you make time to applaud their talents as well—otherwise the curtain may close prematurely on some friendships.
Friend Match: You get bored after ten seconds of doing anything, so a fun-loving Sagittarius is great to have as your BFF. She’s got the energy and the ideas to keep you busy, and whether you’re attempting to make your own ice cream or throwing a Frisbee, you’re always having a blast.
Love Match: Although you’re totally charming, you’re definitely not the typical giggly girl. A Jupiter-ruled cutie in your class likes you just the way you are, and appreciates the fact that you totally ditch the ditzy act.
Best date: Amusement park
Best hobby: Musical theater
Theme song: Love Today - Mika


Skillful, Demonstrative, Graceful

If certain people wear their hearts on their sleeves, you wear yours on a delicate gold-filigree necklace (with matching bracelet, natch). Effortlessly graceful in everything you do, you even make bearing your heart and soul look easy. You should—you’ve had plenty of practice! It’s great that you’re so open about your feelings, but take a lesson from professional poker players: sometimes it’s best not to show your hand too early (particularly when you’re holding on to the Queen of Hearts!).

+/-: The fact that you’re so open to other people makes you especially vulnerable to getting hurt. Make sure your crushes are worth the life-and-death drama before you let them play Romeo to your Juliet.

Friend Match: You can be quiet, but if anyone tries to mess with your friends, they’ll see that you’re definitely not weak. Your BFF (whose b-day is in the same month as yours!) returns the favor, and she knows just how to cheer you up when your hearts been broken (again).

Love Match: You’ve been secretly pining for a Summer-born hottie in your class, but he’s got his eyes on someone else. Life’s too short for unrequited love! Look for a passionate fire sign who can match the intensity of your feelings.

Best color: Violet
Best job: Preschool teacher
Best style: Hippie

Social, Popular, Sweet
The expression, “You can attract more flies with honey than vinegar” holds true for people, too, and you’re living proof that staying sweet can mean a big social payoff. People are drawn to you like moths to a flame, and very few ever make their way out of your orbit. Your friends look to you for plans, support, and to be a 24/7 cheerleader. Just make sure your need to please isn’t concealing deeper feelings that need to be expressed. Nothing causes a bad taste in your mouth like artificial sugar.
+/-: From the outside it looks like you have it all, but deep down you worry your friends will bail if they discover your inner dork. Newsflash: your true friends love you for you—closet crochet expert and everything—not just for the fact that your disposition makes snickers look sweet.
Friend Match: You get a new friend request practically every day on your MySpace page, and your Top 8 is always shifting around. That’s because you’re ruled by the Planet Venus, which makes you extremely magnetic.
Love Match: A soft-spoken Scorpio has you hoping for a special valentine. But what seems standoffish may just be shyness, so don’t be afraid to step up and give him a sign.
Best accessory: Kleenex (for when your BFF comes to talk to you about her most recent heartbreak)
Best hobby: Spirit squad
Best pet: Labradoodle


Idealistic, Spontaneous, Natural

You like to live life au naturel: from your all-organic hemp-weave t-shirts to your no-stress policy on school (and hair styles, Ms. Ponytail Princess), you subscribe to the less-is-more philosophy. The only things high maintenance in your life are your principles: you see opportunities for improvement everywhere and are a firm believer in working hard for change. Just not when “work” involves math and “change” involves grades!

+/-: Living life in the here and now is like a house made entirely from cheeseburgers: fine in theory, but in practice? After a few days, it stinks. Every so often it’s important to plan ahead.

Friend Match: Even though you seem flighty, when it comes to friendships you’re as solid as they come. To you, a BFF really is forever, and you have to know you can trust someone before you open up. A super loyal Pisces has the same idea.

Love Match: There’s a certain Leo in your class who’s got all the girls saying meow. He’s way too self-centered and egotistical for you, though. You’ll take an oh-so-modest (and oh-so-adorable) Libra guitar player any day.

Best date: A walk in the park
Best job: Head of a non-profit organization
Style icon: Drew Barrymore

Conceptual, Open, Intuitive
You’re so in touch with what other people are thinking you could have your own hotline: 1-800-IC-SECRTS. Extraordinarily perceptive when it comes to others, you’re equally as clued in to your own feelings, and you always make a point to go with your gut. Your super-powered sensitivity to others is a double-edged gift, however: make sure your chakras don’t get disrupted by negative energy.
+/-: Being privy to so much private info puts a heavy burden on you, so make sure you don’t blurt out someone else’s secret at the wrong time. Just because it’s obvious to you your BFF is fiendishly crushing on a cutie soccer player doesn’t mean it’s common knowledge!
Friend Match: Your closest peeps know you’ve got a heart of gold, but you’re a little reserved around people you’ve just met. A fellow Aquarius can help you break the ice super quickly – after five minutes, it’ll be like you’ve been friends forever.
Love Match: Your usually flawless intuition falters when it comes to your crushes, particularly the sun-ruled guy you’ve been drooling over forever. Sure, he’s super hot, but you don’t need a magic 8-ball to tell you he’s self-centered. Outlook not good!
Best color: Peach
Best hobby: Teen helpline
Best vacation spot: Spa in the mountains


Colorful, Optimistic, Productive

Opportunity doesn’t even have to knock on your door. As soon as you see it rolling down the street, you’re already claiming shotgun in its ride. You believe in the power of positive thinking and aren’t the type to rely on good luck charms and knocking on wood. You make your own luck—setbacks and disappointments never trip you up. Your motto is: the sun’ll come out tomorrow. And if not, you’ve been looking for an excuse to rock your rain boots!

+/-: It’s great that you’re always on the go, but riding so hard just leads to a big old burnout. Take time to chill and refuel. Your friends will appreciate the down-time and it will leave you totally refreshed.

Friend Match: When your moody Moon-ruled pal is struggling to get her homework done every morning before class, you can tutor her in math and help her manage her time better. It’s worth it. When she’s in a good mood, she’s the perfect partner in crime (who else would pretend to be British with you while cruising for cuties at the mall?)

Love Match: Your Capricorn crush may not think of you as girlfriend material, but you don’t throw yourself a pity party. He’ll make an awesome friend, and he knows an easy-going water sign who’ll be your perfect match.

Best accessory: Personal assistant
Best date: Broadway show
Best job: Motivational speaker


Individualistic, Confident, Empathic

Some people march to the beat of their own drummer. You salsa to it. You have a strong sense of self and your friends look up to you for your confidence and charisma. Although you don’t care what other people think—you’re not afraid to speak your mind, declare your love for old scifi movies, or experiment with your fashion choices—you care greatly what they feel, and your BFFs know they can count on you to partner when they need a little spring in their step.

+/-: You definitely don’t shy away from conflict, but all the soap opera twists and turns in the world won’t stop the constant drama from getting tiring. Learn to back off of arguments before your network rating takes a plummet.

Friend Match: Your Taurus BFF always looks to you for homework help and emotional support, but what really cements your friendship is the fact that neither of you cares what other people think. Just make sure you don’t get stuck hanging out with the same people 24/7—it’s important for both of you to bust out of your bubble.

Love Match: You may be falling for a Summer-born daredevil, but there’s a problem: he’s got his eyes on someone else! Try to broaden your horizons; an adorable Aries will be able to give as good as he gets, and your heated arguments could easily lead to a different kind of spark.

Best job: Self-help guru
Best pet: Parakeet
Star match: Emma Roberts

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