Wednesday, February 17, 2010

B-days over Here, B-days over there


Protective, Persuasive, Thoughtful

If life was a sandwich, you’d be the turkey and tomato, ‘cuz you’re always in the middle. Whether you’re keeping peace when your best friends go at it or holding court on the superiority of sesame orange chicken to kung po beef, your powers of persuasion make you the go-to girl for the final word. Most of the time you don’t mind playing mother hen and laying down the law for your friends (let’s face it—they’re lovable but not the most responsible people in the world!).

+/-: It’s great that you try and help your friends resolve their issues, but if you feel like you’re caught in an endless ping-pong ball game—and your head is the ball—you’ve got to call a timeout before somebody calls a foul.

Friend Match: Your fire-sign friend and her polar opposite winter-born buddy might ask you to take sides in their latest debate (this time, ANTM versus Project Runway) because they can count on you to stay neutral. Remind them that it’s not your job to referee, and keep things cool by moving on to other topics. (Like boys—there’s no debate over how cute that Scorpio soccer player is!)

Love Match: Once you’re done with someone, you’re done. A Neptune-ruled boy may have lost a chance because he moved too slow, but consider whether you weren’t acting a little bit standoffish. It’s not fair to expect him to read your mind, so doing something more than wishing he would ask you out might be necessary.

Best accessory: Earplugs…for when the inter-clique fighting just gets to be too much
Best color: Almond
Star match: Christina Ricci


Spontaneous, Outgoing, Energetic

They say the universe won’t end with a bang, but a whimper. No worries—if you have anything to say about it, there’ll be plenty of explosions before then. Expressive and emotional, you speak your mind (often without thinking) and have the same carefree attitude when it comes to all your choices. Skinny dipping? Sure! A world-class tantrum-thrower, you know that nothing leads to a cosmic meltdown quite so well as pent up feelings.

+/-: If you were to take a poll right now, your approval ratings would be through the roof. But what do you like the most about yourself? You’re so used to feeding off the energy of other people you risk losing your grounding.

Friend Match: Your water-sign friend is your exact opposite: she keeps her cards super close to her chest, and is unlikely to let anyone but the inner circle know what she’s feeling. Take a lesson from her book. She can teach you a thing or two about privacy. Do you really want your whole MySpace network to know your deepest secrets?

Love Match: When you fall for someone you have a tendency to shout it from the rooftops. But a quiet Virgo will be embarrassed, not flattered, by all the attention, so ease up a little and let him come to you.

Best color: Fuchsia
Style icon: Madonna
Best vacation spot: Club in Ibiza


Witty, Entertaining, Social

If you were a lip gloss shade you’d be coral: to die-for-cute, works well with anybody, and has just enough of an edge to keep things interesting. You’re a true social butterfly and you love to be the center of attention, particularly when you’re cracking up your crew with yet another spot-on observation (only you would figure out that your gym teacher’s initials spell ICK). Just make sure you keep it light: dissing other people doesn’t go well with anybody’s skin tone.

+/-: Your dry humor is hilarious, but sometimes your sarcastic comments aren’t so subtle. Maybe your friend’s new ‘do does look like a helmet, but save the jokes for your stand-up routine. Otherwise you’ll get booed off stage for good.

Friend Match: You and your earth-sign BFF are the equivalent of sweet-and-sour pork: her sincerity and sweetness is the perfect balance to your tartness. She’s way more serious than you are but that’s a good thing, actually. She can keep you in line when one of your jokes is in danger of going too far.

Love Match: The brainy boy born on the 22nd who you’ve been crushing on has an ego as big as his IQ, so say au revoir. You might be surprised to learn there’s a sweet Virgo who’d been scoping you out. His goofy exterior conceals hidden depths, so give him a chance.

Best hobby: Improv
Best job: Entertainment reporter
Best style: Mod


Curious, Ingenious, Technical

You’re like skinny jeans in 1999: way head of your time. Original and inventive, you think so far outside the box you’re up in the stratosphere, and your insatiable curiosity means that when it comes to know-how, you’re light years ahead of your peers. That doesn’t mean you’ve got your head in the stars, though. A problem solver through-and-through, your logic and reasoning skills keep your feet firmly planted on the ground (and make you ideal for student government).

+/-: Your brain is like a computer, always processing info and storing it away for later. But what’s the fun without wifi to keep you connected? Don’t live so much in your own little world that you miss out on fun times with those around you.

Friend Match: You’re more than happy to help your Sagittarius BFF with her homework, but every so often it feels like you’re running a free tutoring clinic. Don’t let your needs go unnoticed, especially the emotional ones. Speak up if you’re feeling used.

Love Match: A Jupiter-ruled boy has your head spinning, even though you’ve barely exchanged a word. Pay attention to the small signals he gives, but don’t shut yourself off to other options. An outdoorsy Cancer who loves to laugh might be the perfect person to pull you out of your bubble.

Best accessory: Digital camera
Best color: Tangerine
Best job: Architect


Spirited, Impulsive, Active

Some people look before they leap, but you’d rather jump in with your eyes wide shut. This means you’re no stranger to crash landings (like the First Day of School Fashion Disaster of 2008), but it also means you’re the queen of getting up, dusting yourself off, and getting back in the saddle. You’re allergic to planning and sitting still gives you the hives. Just remember that sometimes it really is better to be safe than sorry, and breaking certain rules will really give you something to be sick about (like a month’s worth of Friday detentions).

+/-: Your fave time is the start of a school year, since you’re all about new beginnings. But you have a tendency to jump ship when you get bored, leaving you with a string of hobbies and friends you ditched after a month. Try sticking with something a little longer, or risk getting the reputation of a flake.

Friend Match: Normally you and your best friend du jour have no problem, but her Sun-ruled ways make her occasionally turn bossy. Before you turn tail and run (as usual) try working through your issues by talking. In all other ways, her fun and bubbly attitude make her the perfect wing-man (or wing woman) for you.

Love Match: You can barely decide what to order in a diner, so it’s no surprise that you’re equally as finicky when it comes to choosing your guy. But if you think a Gemini is right for you, you’ve got another thing coming. Between your pickiness and his indecision, you’re headed for dating disaster. Stick with a steadfast Aries instead.

Best accessory: Sketchpad and pencil (If your hour-long history class is driving you crazy, at least doodling will keep you occupied.)
Best job: Interior designer
Theme song: Changes – David Bowie


Sensitive, Stubborn, Shy

If you were a candy, you’d be an inside-out M & M: soft on the outside, you have a hard center (when people push you, you often surprise them by pushing right back), but still have a tendency to melt. (The biggest trigger that causes you to go gooey? When your friends are hurting—you’re extra sensitive to their feelings). You’re not likely to take center stage, preferring to stay in the background, but you have no problem stepping up to the podium when someone steps into your personal space—or tries to step on your personal beliefs.

+/-: If one of your friends shares her secret, she can count on your lips to stay sealed. But you have a tendency to give everyone in school the silent treatment, and they could mistake your shyness for snobbery. Remember, you can’t make new friends by being seen and not heard.

Friend Match: Your Virgo BFF is practically family, and it pains you whenever you see her weather yet another broken heart. But her outgoing nature and fearlessness can help you step out into the spotlight a little bit more, and you could also take a page out of her book when it comes to the confidence chapter.

Love Match: It’s true that a lot of the guys in your school are immature, but that doesn’t mean every single last one of them is a waste of time. A cutie born on the 12th might change your ideas about romance.

Best hobby: Yoga
Best pet: Maltese
Star match: Paris Hilton

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  1. Very cool! My friend has a birthday on February 12th, and some of those attributes really fit her. :)