Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birthdays over here, birthdays over there...


Curious, Knowledgeable, Impressive

You should be a detective, because you're all about uncovering the truth. A perfectionist, you always do your homework before expressing your opinion (and you have a lot of opinions). Whether you're holding court about melting polar ice caps or the importance of flax seed oil, you're an idealist who likes to get behind a cause. A natural leader, you have a forceful presence and know how to command people's attention.

+/-: You're just like an encyclopedia: you've got all your facts together. But some issues aren't a matter of right or wrong, so don't freak out when others don't agree with what you say. They’re entitled to their own opinions.

Friend Match: You can be super defensive--and you're not shy about going on the attack, either. Take a lesson from a chilled-out Libra who can teach you how to play nice with others.

Love Match: You like a guy with smarts--and he needs to be confident, too, if he's going to keep up with you. Sparks will fly when you start arguing with a brainy Aquarius--good thing you can always kiss and make up!

Best accessory: Library card
Best date: Political rally
Best job: Lawyer

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What We're Into Right Now...

With October 1st right around the corner, we felt like it was time to bust out some new items for our "What We're Into Right Now" slideshow (at the bottom of the page). There's one oldie on there (Glee -- but we can't help it! That show still makes us want to tap our feet and burst out into song). But otherwise it's all brandie new. FYI just caught a preview of the movie Whip It! this weekend, and it was AWESOME!

What are you all into right now? Let us know! We're always looking for new and exciting stuff to check out (and old stuff to wax nostalgiac about because -- let's face it -- sometimes it's fun to stick with what you know).

If you were born on September 29th...


Technical, Intense, Capable

If you were a piece of exercise equipment, you'd be the stability ball: always trying to find balance. Your mood has more swings than a typical playground, and you often go from feeling like you're on top of the world to feeling like the world's sitting on top of you. Although you're super smart and extremely accomplished, you're plagued by doubts about your self-worth; it's extremely important to stay close to family and friends who make you feel valued.

+/-: Part of the reason why your emotions are so all over the map is that you don't really know what you want. Pretend you're an algebra problem, and dedicate time to figuring yourself out.

Friend Match: Nothing's more important for you than having loyal friends close by who can serve as a stabilizing influence. Pick an Aries who will always make you smile, and a Taurus to be your rock during hard times.

Love Match: A sensitive and perceptive Pisces will understand and accept you intuitively--no embarrassing confessions necessary!

Best color: Jade
Best hobby: Photography
Best pet: Chow Chow

Friday, September 25, 2009

To All Our September 25th B-day Peeps


Hard-Working, Witty, Determined

You'd be the perfect judge on American Idol: you love to be in the spotlight, and your greatest talent lies in critiquing and exposing flaws. Naturally inclined to journalism and photography, you're always blogging about ways your school could improve (Starbucks in the cafeteria, anyone)? You can be extremely sarcastic and anyone who's ever been on the wrong side of one of your scathing jokes knows that when it comes to you, the tongue is mightier than the sword.

+/-: Your sarcastic sense of humor leaves your friends ROTFL. But be careful about tossing out caustic commentary super casually, since you never know who could be the next casualty (and your teacher will not be amused by your impression of her).

Friend Match: You work your butt off, so on weekend take a break to hang out with a Capricorn BFF. She’s got a good sense of the big picture, so she’ll keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

Love Match: They say you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Obviously you don't want insects buzzing around, but every so often give your tongue-lashings a rest and let the Aquarius you're crushing on see the sweet side.

Best job: Gossip columnist
Star match: Catherine Zeta-Jones
Best style: Retro

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Only one day left to vote!!!! VOTE NOW!!!

Clap Your Hands


Imaginative, Giving, Free-Spirited

You might as well be a passport, because you're always traveling around. You can't stand to sit still and love to dream up all the places you're going to visit (Costa Rica, Paris, Barcelona). Your philosophy is: if you’re not moving forward, you might as well be going in reverse. But it's not just your feet that peddle around: mentally and spiritually you were born to wander, to experiment with different interests and hobbies and switch social groups faster than your old BFF can say, "Call me."

+/-: You can't help that you're bored easily. But you're flightier than an airplane, and sometimes when the going gets tough it's important to rough it out. Instead of running from challenges, embrace them.

Friend Match: You treat friends like fish fillets: good for three days at most. The problem? You haven't found your BFF soul-mate, like a quirky Aquarius who loves to dream up new vacation destinations.

Love Match: You’re ruled by the love-dominated number 6 and the planet Venus, so romance is important to you. An intense and passionate Scorpio will sweep you right off your feet.

Best date: Ice skating
Best pet: Goldfish Style icon: Victoria Beckham

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We're gonna party like it's your birthday!


Creative, Adventurous, Exciting

In the MTV Movie Awards of life, you'd always take home the prize for Breakthrough Performance: breaking barriers, surmounting difficulties, and crossing limits is your whole raison d'etre. You are an ambitious dreamer: you want to be the best student/friend/teacher/clarinet player/soccer goalie ever, but often seem to face major obstacles on your road to success. A true warrior, you never give up, and your perseverance always pays off.

+/-: You're just like a witch on a broomstick: always flying off the handle. If you're going to do battle for something you want, do the prep work beforehand. Figure out your talking points and anticipate objections.

Friend Match: Maybe it's because of all the hard times you've seen, but people need a nutcracker just to break through your shell. Try letting the optimistic attitude of a happy-go-lucky Aquarius rub off on you.

Love Match: You can be super serious, so you need a guy who will lighten things up and inspire you to laugh off the tough times. An Aries with a here-for-the-party attitude will help you shake off the blues.

Best color: Tangerine
Best job: Professional athlete
Theme song: Taking Chances – Celine Dion

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where my September 22nd birthdays at?


Individualistic, Sarcastic, Perceptive

You've got a bad case of Restless Leg Syndrome: you always have to be moving. Driven, outgoing, and easily bored, you like to be challenge by new places, people, and things. You'll never hit the same restaurant twice and the list of extra-curriculars you've tried (and dumped) reads like an advertisement for Attention Deficit Disorder. But no matter what you're doing, your strong personality and strength of character means you always make your mark.

+/-: Good things come to those who wait, but sometimes the most important thing you can do is sit still. Take a break in your 24/7 marathon of activities to relax at home or spend some time day-dreaming.

Friend Match: There's only one constant in your life: your friends. You're very picky about who you let get close, and a Sagittarius who likes to go, go, go is your perfect partner-in-crime.

Love Match: When you like someone, you act like you're gearing up for a military attack: your motto is, Ready, Set, Charge. Give the cavalry a rest and let a laid-back Libra--who might just make you want to settle down (gasp)--find his way to you.

Best color: Indigo
Best job: Travel writer
Best vacation spot: Las Vegas

Monday, September 21, 2009

More B-day Goodness!


Artistic, Tasteful, Progressive

If you were a body part, you'd be the tongue: all about good taste. You've got an eye for style and are always scoping out the newest trends, but you've got your finger on the pulse of more than just fashion. Perceptive and intuitive, you can always read how other people are feeling and know how to move--and motivate--a crowd. A true trendsetter, even your opinions are always au courant.

+/-: Appearance may be everything, but it's also true that the most attractive thing a girl can have is a whopping dose of self-confidence. It doesn't matter what your classmates think of you, so stop looking over your shoulder to see who's watching.

Friend Match: You've caught a bad case of frenemies: haters who try and make you feel insecure because their jealous of your rocking style. Quick fix? Pick up a loyal (and honest) Cancer who won't undermine you.

Love Match: You change love interests more often than you change shoes. But certain people never go out of style, like the charming class-clown Aries who always makes you crack up.

Best accessory: The latest issue of Vanity Fair
Star match: Faith Hill
Theme song: Uptown Girl – Billy Joel

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's birthday, it's birthday time... (What time is it? It's birthday time.)


Thoughtful, Serious, Visual

You're just like an iPhone: super popular, you always create a public stir (and it's a total mystery how you actually work). Though people gravitate to you and you often find yourself at the center of attention, you're extremely secretive and closed off to all but the Inner Circle. And a position on your VIP list is never guaranteed: when you feel hurt, betrayed, or threatened, you can shut the door on even your closest friends.

+/-: You don’t like conflict, so you’d rather withdraw than fight. But you're not a Crock-pot, so why sit around stewing? When something upsets you, talk about it.

Friend Match: You and a temper-prone Scorpio are like a match held over a tin of explosives: the smallest spark, and everything blows up. Look for a more even-tempered Libra who won't turn every disagreement into a major meltdown.

Love Match: In many ways an extremely private person, you're drawn to people with a similar penchant for secrecy: like an artistic Pisces who knows the value of unspoken communication.

Best color: Ivory
Best hobby: School play
Theme song: Lucky – Britney Spears

And don't forget to look for THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF BIRTHDAYS, in stores July 22, 2010!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bringing you some b-day juice


Persistent, Tenacious, Undaunted

If slow and steady wins the race. somebody better be preparing your blue ribbon. Those born on September 17th are characterized by great perseverance. You are totally unstoppable when you have a goal, and though you may not take the fastest route to the finish line, in the end your sheer determination and force of will means you'll come from behind to take the prize (even if "the prize" is the cute private school boy you've been scoping in the park).

+/-: You have high standards and can be quick to judge. But friends aren't teaspoons, so don't be so quick to say they don't measure up.

Friend Match: Spontaneous you are not, but when you're not playing Serious Student you've got an offbeat sense of humor that craves expression. Look for a quirky Aries BFF to crack up with.

Love Match: You're pretty independent, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't feel nice to be appreciated by a special someone. You like a guy who listens, so a patient, relationship-oriented Cancer is your best bet.

Best color: Maroon
Best job: Veterinarian
Best vacation spot: Rome

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birthdays Galore!


Courageous, Honest, Sweet

You should be a cheerleader, because you're all about spirit. Energetic and dedicated, you never let life's bumps get you down for long, and your positive attitude means everyone wants to bask in your glow. You're always looking to do more, better, and you have the patience and determination to see the pay-off. Your parents and teachers can have trouble controlling you, since you never back down when you feel your beliefs have been compromised (like your belief in a midnight curfew!).

+/-: It's great that you're so fearless, but there's a fine line between spunk and stupidity. Make sure your energy doesn't pull you in a dangerous direction; keep both feet on the ground.

Friend Match: When you want something you'll go after it no matter what the risks. A diplomatic and practical Libra will let you know whether your end-game is worth all the trouble.

Love Match: Up until now you've always crushed on out-there Aries and ultra-outspoken Taurus, but a super-supportive Sagittarius will be a good mellowing influence.

Best accessory: Toy poodle
Best hobby: Prom committee
Star match: Alexis Bledel

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oooh c'est tres tres chic! Ooooh c'est FASHION WEEK!

Every year during Fashion Week, we think to ourselves, "Why can't we sew?" and "We should sign up for Project Runway despite our lack of any discernable talent!" and "God, I wish I could pull that outfit off!"

For those of you who think these things and actually plan to do something about them, then our upcoming book The Teen Vogue Handbook will be the Dolce to your Gabbana.

While we're still a few weeks away from the official release of The Teen Vogue Handbook (though some lucky contest winners were recently able to procure some free advanced copies through our giveaway contest), don't go ruining that mascara with tears of desperation! In the meantime, you can check out this article from the New York Times about careers in fashion, and more specifically, The Teen Vogue Handbook!!! It's sure to get you runway ready (well, not you the individual--you know, it's not all about modeling--but you the fashion expert who benevolently shares your abundant knowledge with others).

Cha Cha Cha


Expansive, Motivated, Ambitious

If you were a golf tournament, you'd be the Masters. Once you strike on a passion you're determined to become the best at it (thus the gorgeous cashmere sweater you made during your knitting phase). You're super patient and can come across as shy, but people who mistake you for being happy to stay in the shadows had better watch out--you're just waiting for your moment to claim your place in the sun.

+/-: You dream of having a house so big it could feature on MTV Cribs, seven Bentleys, and a private plane to boot. But money won't make you laugh or give you a hug when you're feeling sad. Focus your ambitions on being a good friend, and you'll get way more payback.

Friend Match: You can be super closed off when somebody has hurt or disappointed you, but an ultra-perceptive Pisces will be able to tell when something's up.

Love Match: You need a guy to show you the beauty in the simple things, like a sporty Sagittarius who loves hiking, biking, and just playing around outside--no credit card necessary, no drama allowed.

Best date: Concert in the park
Best hobby: Ballet
Best style: Your closet is filled with Polo shirts and cardigan sweaters

Monday, September 14, 2009

Have you met Tavi?

So when we were thirteen, we were taking ballet classes (aka complaining about how pointe shoes made our feet hurt) and earnestly writing never-to-be-published novels in our bedrooms, but not Tavi -- this girl has a fashion blog that is apparently taking the world of apparel by storm:

And for more fashion tips, be sure to check out THE TEEN VOGUE HANDBOOK, in stores October 5th!

Birthdays in the Hizz-house!!!

Sending the latest and greatest birthday information your way! Just remember -- don't try stealing someone else's b-day excitement for yourself (or for someone who you think is more deserving). Ahem, we're looking at you Kanye.


Observant, Effective, Efficient

You should rename yourself Siskel or Ebert, because you're a natural-born critic. Ultra perceptive, you feel the need to change and better the world around you, always suggesting different ways your school could improve homecoming (smoke machines! A deejay instead of a band!) and dishing out advice to your friends and family. You're a take-charge kind of girl and get impatient when others aren't equally on the ball.

+/-: You’re used to being the commander-in-chief, but it can be fun to work as part of a crew now and then. When your pals decide they want to make a short film, volunteer to do the camera work.

Friend Match: You're just like The Viper roller coaster: not for the faint of heart. Surround yourself with confident Gemini and Leo, who aren't over-sensitive and can give as good as they get.

Love Match: Face it: you're not going to get excited about a guy who lays down and lets you walk all over him. You're not at Crate and Barrel, so why shop for a doormat? You need a guy who will stand up for himself, like a smart and opinionated Taurus.

Best accessory: Your blog
Best color: Amethyst
Best job: Environmental lobbyist

Friday, September 11, 2009


If you're fun, stylish, and interested in (maybe) pursuing a career in fashion, then we've got the puuurrrrfeeect book for you: THE TEEN VOGUE HANDBOOK. And right now, we're feeling pretty generous, so...

If you are one of the first three people to e-mail us at, we will send you a FREE COPY OF THE TEEN VOGUE HANDBOOK BEFORE IT GOES ON SALE on October 5th!!!!

Only the chic may apply. Just kidding. (No, we're really not.)

Three Cheers for Our B-day Peeps!

A little rain in the New York area can't stop us from sending you some b-day love!


Free-Spirited, Nurturing, Dramatic

If you were an Awards show you would be the Oscars: all about dramatic choice. You always find yourself hitting a fork in the road and having to make big decisions on behalf of your friends and family (should you take a vacay to Disney World or the Bahamas?). Daring and fearless, you always follow the road less-traveled (major highways are such a snooze!) and have a tendency to plunge head-first into a new opportunity without giving much thought to the consequences.

+/-: Other people strike you as just like a Rubik's Cube: impossible to crack, and probably not worth the effort. If you spent more time listening--and less time lecturing--you'd figure out what you're missing.

Friend Match: Your life is more high-drama than the latest Hollywood blockbuster, and you could use the steadying (and practical) influence of a clear-headed, no-nonsense Virgo.

Love Match: You're attracted to a carefree Aries whose motto is Carpe Diem. It's great that he lives for the moment, like you, but be careful that the two of you don't find yourself sharing a loveseat in detention!

Best date: Amusement park
Best style: Bohemian
Theme song: Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

Thursday, September 10, 2009

STRANGE ANGELS Poll -- Only 15 Days Left to Vote!

Who do you think Dru should choose??? Vote NOW!!!

***In case you're wondering -- to find the poll, scroll down and to the right. Then give yourself a pat on the back :) That's the kind of go-getter attitude Dru would be proud of!

And because we can't get enough of these bestseller lists...

Here's some WSJ love:

Yup, that's BLOOD PROMISE at #2 on their hardcover fiction list!!!! The list is from September 4th, so keep your fingers crossed :)

What does it mean if you were born on September 10th?

Well, let us tell you:


Capable, Pragmatic, Reliable

If your heart wore a sign, it would be, No Trespassing. Ultra guarded, you keep your deepest thoughts, feelings, and wishes to yourself, and your desire for privacy extends to school and your social life: you won't try out for the school musical, but you'll be the crucial go-to girl behind the scenes. Secretly, though, you might long for the chance to break out of your shell.

+/-: Your teachers never have to tell you to pay attention: you’re always taking notes. But try turning some of that attention on yourself. Whether your deepest desire is to join the track team or to post a short film on YouTube, seize the day and go for it.

Friend Match: You can be very intense, which is why you need the goofy influence of an Aries BFF. Whether she’s cracking a sarcastic joke or just pulling a funny face, she’ll always lighten the mood.

Love Match: It's true that opposites attract: you're attracted to creative and outgoing people with a wild streak. Just be careful of falling for an artistic Aquarius who is flightier than an airplane; you need someone who will encourage your dreams, like a sweet and supportive Gemini.

Best color: Brown
Best job: College professor
Best vacation spot: B&B in Notting Hill

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You say it's your birthday...


Discriminating, Influential, Introspective

You're under so much pressure you could be a barometer. It feels like no matter what you do you're always facing down difficult situations--from psycho phys ed teachers to ultra-demanding 'rents--but the truth is that most of the pressure you feel comes from within. Driven, confident, and influential, you've got a ton of power over your peeps and don't take that responsibility lightly; you're always playing social co-ordinator and doling out spot-on advice.

+/-: You may as well be on a treadmill, always running, running, running. Sometimes it takes the most confidence to be still and reflect, so don't be afraid of what will happen if you pause to look in the mirror. You're fabulous, so own it.

Friend Match: The last thing you need is a high-drama BFF who will stress you out with her 24/7 crises, so stick with a fun-loving Aries or totally chilled-out Gemini who will keep things mellow.

Love Match: You're super independent, so you can't stand needy guys who want to check up on you all the time. A confident Taurus will let you do your own thing.

Best color: Leather recliner (say it with me now: relax...)
Best hobby: Pilates
Star match: Michelle Williams

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

VAMPIRE ACADEMY taking monster-sized bite out of the competition!

Not to mix metaphors, but imagine this monster-sized bite were to be attempted by humans—it would be the type of bite where you chomp down on a colossal one-pound hamburger with tons of crunchy lettuce, gooey cheese, and gobs of ketchup; and though the ketchup and the hamburger juice get all over your face the second your teeth make contact, you put the full force of your incisors into it and just tear at that thing.

Now imagine the monster-appropriate version of that chow-fest. That’s what the VAMPIRE ACADEMY series is doing to its rivals. No dainty nibbles here!!!!

See the New York Times bestseller list if you don't believe us:

To all those born the day after Labor Day...


Serious, Stubborn, Dynamic

You could be a preacher, because you're all about keeping the faith. You stick up for your beliefs religiously, and you're just as loyal to your friends and family. You're not about walking the straight and narrow, though; original and inventive, you often forge your own path and have a tendency to keep secrets. Your heart is like the final frontier: even your BFF has no clue what makes it beat faster.

+/-: There's another way that you're like a preacher: you're always telling people what to do! Understand, and try to accept, that other people have different beliefs and attitudes than you do. Variety is the spice of life.

Friend Match: You love to have the last word, which means that fighting with you is about as fun as a three-hour extended Calculus exam. But it pays to listen up, so count on a Libra BFF who will always give it to you straight.

Love Match: When it comes to matters of the heart, you're more mysterious than the contents of your school's hot dogs. A patient Gemini will take on the challenge of winning you over--and he'll have enough surprises of his own to keep you interested.

Best job: Newspaper editor
Best pet: Golden retriever
Star match: Pink

Friday, September 4, 2009

All my b-day people out there, make noise!


Methodical, Capable, Constructive

If you were a toy you would be legos, all about building, putting things together, and watching things stack up. Super organized and detail-oriented, you're always helping your friends redecorate their rooms or clean out their closets. Naturally inclined towards science and art, you like to work with your hands--and have got such a talent for getting the project done, you could host your own show on HGTV.

+/-: You love helping out, and your 'rents can always count on you to babysit your younger sibs or rake and bag leaves--just like your friends count on you to give fashion advice and help them organize their desk drawers. But remember that you deserve a little TLC, too!

Friend Match: You'll always go the extra mile for your friends, so you deserve a BFF who will always go the distance for you. An ultra-loyal Taurus will always be there for you.

Love Match: Crazy in love? Not so much. You keep your head firmly on your shoulders at all times. But a certain Sagittarius sweetie with a killer smile--and the ability to make you laugh when you're feeling stressed--may change your perspective.

Best hobby: Habitat for Humanity volunteer
Best pet: Cockatoo
Star match: Beyonce Knowles

Thursday, September 3, 2009

BLOOD PROMISE hits #5 on the USA TODAY Bestseller List!

And we're not just talking children's bestsellers either...

See for yourself:

POSSESSIONS on sale today!!!

We, at Razorbill, are soooo excited that Nancy Holder's POSSESSIONS finally hits stores today!!!

A brand new series about EVIL GIRLS — and deadly games

possessions: me
- one standard-issue map of the creepy Marlwood campus.
- one army jacket that screams “I so don’t belong here.”
- a ton of Q’s—like what’s up with Mandy and her twisted pranks?

possessions: them
- everything (personal chauffeurs, ponies, Greek Island villas, the list goes on.)
- Troy. the guy who saved us at the operating Theater the other night. gorgeous. untouchable. He belongs to Mandy.
- countless stories about some ghost in the lake. haha, guys. very funny.
New girl Lindsay can’t figure out what’s going on with popular Mandy and her followers. And what Lindsay doesn’t know can hurt her. Long ago, someone at Marlwood made a grave mistake—and girls died because of it. Now spirits who were silent for two hundred years have woken up. These spirits need to take possession. And they must have their REVENGE.

And be sure to look for PRETTY LITTLE DEVILS, also by Nancy Holder!

Hey! It's your birthday...


Talented, Social, Enigmatic

You'd make a terrible Christmas cookie, because you're always breaking out of the mold. Innovative and original, you aren't afraid to have different opinions, interests, hobbies, and shoes than everybody else. For you, "conform" is a four-letter world, and you find it just as difficult to follow rules as you do to follow trends. Way ahead of your time, the outfit you're rocking this year may take another two to reach the masses--and by then you'll be on to something else.

+/-: You have trouble opening up to others and don't like to explain yourself. But if you want to bring people around to your point of view, you have to show them that there's a method to the madness.

Friend Match: Although you crave closeness and have the ability to feel deeply, it's hard for you to open up. Count on a loyal (and extremely talkative) Gemini to bring you out of your shell.

Love Match: You pick guys like you pick shoes: you want to be the very first to appreciate their charm. A quirky non-conformist Pisces with a talent for photography will appreciate your unique point-of-view.

Best color: Lime green
Best job: Playwright
Best vacation spot: Bora Bora

And remember, if you love finding out what your special day says about you, be sure to look for THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF BIRTHDAYS, on sale July 22nd 2010!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

If you were born today...

...then you were born one day prior to the publication of Nancy Holder's POSSESSIONS! Yeah--we guess it's not much to brag about (since it's not exact the same day), but still, it's cool! Come on people, we saw school buses this morning! We've got to find some excitement somewhere.

So, if you're checking your sites while on a laptop in class or if you've got your Blackberry hidden under your desk or if you're just plain sitting at home in front of your computer screen (laughing at the people who already started school), here's the 411 on today's birthdays:


Fair, Honest, Unpretentious

You're like a perfectly cut pair of black boot-cut pants: you may not be about frills and flourishes, but you're hugely practical and infinitely popular. You hate fakes and phonies (in everything from bags to people), and you're a big believer in letting your actions speak for themselves. You may not gush over how much you love your BFF, but you'll throw her the best bday party ever and be there with a box of tissues the day her dog is put to sleep.

+/-: You've got drive that would put a car to shame: ultra determined and very disciplined, you're always turning in assignments early and asking for extra-credit. Make sure you're not just going through the motions, though. Let some passion and inspiration into your life.

Friend Match: You're just like Head and Shoulders Shampoo: you hate flakes. You'll find greatest compatibility with fellow earth signs, who are just as reliable as you.

Love Match: You're too disciplined to let yourself get carried away by whims and spur-of-the-moment ideas. But one of the great things about love is that you can't control it, so don't be surprised if an ultra-romantic Scorpio has you acting crazy.

Best accessory: Kipling messenger bag
Best date: Professional football game
Star match: Salma Hayek

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wake up, it's September!

We know it's sad that the summer months are waning and that September (and school!) are upon us, but that's no reason to ignore our September 1st birthdays!!! Everyone deserves a little b-day cheer :)


Conscientious, Fearless, Active

You’re like a human vacuum cleaner, all about cleaning up other people's messes. Strictly no-nonsense, your can-do attitude means you're always picking up the slack and taking care of business. A natural leader, your ambition and desire to reach the top makes you a stellar student and a stand-out member of any team. Just as long as no one gets in your way; you have a temper that makes Cruella De Vil look warm and fuzzy.

+/-: Your motto is: never say die. But in certain situations quitting is actually the right thing to do; it's okay to give up on an extra-curricular or avoid taking the field when you have a sprained ankle (and you know you have to toss that deadbeat dude to the curb when he starts acting shady).

Friend Match: You believe that honesty is the best policy, so you'll love how a down-to-earth Taurus always gives it to you straight (even when she criticizes your fave purple platforms).

Love Match: You know what they say about all work and no play? Boring. Look for a dreamy and imaginative Pisces to sweep you off your feet and make you forget all about your homework.

Best color: Burgundy
Best job: Advertising executive
Best style: You’re all about the Little Black Dress