Thursday, September 10, 2009

What does it mean if you were born on September 10th?

Well, let us tell you:


Capable, Pragmatic, Reliable

If your heart wore a sign, it would be, No Trespassing. Ultra guarded, you keep your deepest thoughts, feelings, and wishes to yourself, and your desire for privacy extends to school and your social life: you won't try out for the school musical, but you'll be the crucial go-to girl behind the scenes. Secretly, though, you might long for the chance to break out of your shell.

+/-: Your teachers never have to tell you to pay attention: you’re always taking notes. But try turning some of that attention on yourself. Whether your deepest desire is to join the track team or to post a short film on YouTube, seize the day and go for it.

Friend Match: You can be very intense, which is why you need the goofy influence of an Aries BFF. Whether she’s cracking a sarcastic joke or just pulling a funny face, she’ll always lighten the mood.

Love Match: It's true that opposites attract: you're attracted to creative and outgoing people with a wild streak. Just be careful of falling for an artistic Aquarius who is flightier than an airplane; you need someone who will encourage your dreams, like a sweet and supportive Gemini.

Best color: Brown
Best job: College professor
Best vacation spot: B&B in Notting Hill

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