Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We're gonna party like it's your birthday!


Creative, Adventurous, Exciting

In the MTV Movie Awards of life, you'd always take home the prize for Breakthrough Performance: breaking barriers, surmounting difficulties, and crossing limits is your whole raison d'etre. You are an ambitious dreamer: you want to be the best student/friend/teacher/clarinet player/soccer goalie ever, but often seem to face major obstacles on your road to success. A true warrior, you never give up, and your perseverance always pays off.

+/-: You're just like a witch on a broomstick: always flying off the handle. If you're going to do battle for something you want, do the prep work beforehand. Figure out your talking points and anticipate objections.

Friend Match: Maybe it's because of all the hard times you've seen, but people need a nutcracker just to break through your shell. Try letting the optimistic attitude of a happy-go-lucky Aquarius rub off on you.

Love Match: You can be super serious, so you need a guy who will lighten things up and inspire you to laugh off the tough times. An Aries with a here-for-the-party attitude will help you shake off the blues.

Best color: Tangerine
Best job: Professional athlete
Theme song: Taking Chances – Celine Dion

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