Wednesday, September 2, 2009

If you were born today...

...then you were born one day prior to the publication of Nancy Holder's POSSESSIONS! Yeah--we guess it's not much to brag about (since it's not exact the same day), but still, it's cool! Come on people, we saw school buses this morning! We've got to find some excitement somewhere.

So, if you're checking your sites while on a laptop in class or if you've got your Blackberry hidden under your desk or if you're just plain sitting at home in front of your computer screen (laughing at the people who already started school), here's the 411 on today's birthdays:


Fair, Honest, Unpretentious

You're like a perfectly cut pair of black boot-cut pants: you may not be about frills and flourishes, but you're hugely practical and infinitely popular. You hate fakes and phonies (in everything from bags to people), and you're a big believer in letting your actions speak for themselves. You may not gush over how much you love your BFF, but you'll throw her the best bday party ever and be there with a box of tissues the day her dog is put to sleep.

+/-: You've got drive that would put a car to shame: ultra determined and very disciplined, you're always turning in assignments early and asking for extra-credit. Make sure you're not just going through the motions, though. Let some passion and inspiration into your life.

Friend Match: You're just like Head and Shoulders Shampoo: you hate flakes. You'll find greatest compatibility with fellow earth signs, who are just as reliable as you.

Love Match: You're too disciplined to let yourself get carried away by whims and spur-of-the-moment ideas. But one of the great things about love is that you can't control it, so don't be surprised if an ultra-romantic Scorpio has you acting crazy.

Best accessory: Kipling messenger bag
Best date: Professional football game
Star match: Salma Hayek

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