Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hey! It's your birthday...


Talented, Social, Enigmatic

You'd make a terrible Christmas cookie, because you're always breaking out of the mold. Innovative and original, you aren't afraid to have different opinions, interests, hobbies, and shoes than everybody else. For you, "conform" is a four-letter world, and you find it just as difficult to follow rules as you do to follow trends. Way ahead of your time, the outfit you're rocking this year may take another two to reach the masses--and by then you'll be on to something else.

+/-: You have trouble opening up to others and don't like to explain yourself. But if you want to bring people around to your point of view, you have to show them that there's a method to the madness.

Friend Match: Although you crave closeness and have the ability to feel deeply, it's hard for you to open up. Count on a loyal (and extremely talkative) Gemini to bring you out of your shell.

Love Match: You pick guys like you pick shoes: you want to be the very first to appreciate their charm. A quirky non-conformist Pisces with a talent for photography will appreciate your unique point-of-view.

Best color: Lime green
Best job: Playwright
Best vacation spot: Bora Bora

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