Monday, September 21, 2009

More B-day Goodness!


Artistic, Tasteful, Progressive

If you were a body part, you'd be the tongue: all about good taste. You've got an eye for style and are always scoping out the newest trends, but you've got your finger on the pulse of more than just fashion. Perceptive and intuitive, you can always read how other people are feeling and know how to move--and motivate--a crowd. A true trendsetter, even your opinions are always au courant.

+/-: Appearance may be everything, but it's also true that the most attractive thing a girl can have is a whopping dose of self-confidence. It doesn't matter what your classmates think of you, so stop looking over your shoulder to see who's watching.

Friend Match: You've caught a bad case of frenemies: haters who try and make you feel insecure because their jealous of your rocking style. Quick fix? Pick up a loyal (and honest) Cancer who won't undermine you.

Love Match: You change love interests more often than you change shoes. But certain people never go out of style, like the charming class-clown Aries who always makes you crack up.

Best accessory: The latest issue of Vanity Fair
Star match: Faith Hill
Theme song: Uptown Girl – Billy Joel

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