Thursday, September 24, 2009

Clap Your Hands


Imaginative, Giving, Free-Spirited

You might as well be a passport, because you're always traveling around. You can't stand to sit still and love to dream up all the places you're going to visit (Costa Rica, Paris, Barcelona). Your philosophy is: if you’re not moving forward, you might as well be going in reverse. But it's not just your feet that peddle around: mentally and spiritually you were born to wander, to experiment with different interests and hobbies and switch social groups faster than your old BFF can say, "Call me."

+/-: You can't help that you're bored easily. But you're flightier than an airplane, and sometimes when the going gets tough it's important to rough it out. Instead of running from challenges, embrace them.

Friend Match: You treat friends like fish fillets: good for three days at most. The problem? You haven't found your BFF soul-mate, like a quirky Aquarius who loves to dream up new vacation destinations.

Love Match: You’re ruled by the love-dominated number 6 and the planet Venus, so romance is important to you. An intense and passionate Scorpio will sweep you right off your feet.

Best date: Ice skating
Best pet: Goldfish Style icon: Victoria Beckham

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