Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bringing you some b-day juice


Persistent, Tenacious, Undaunted

If slow and steady wins the race. somebody better be preparing your blue ribbon. Those born on September 17th are characterized by great perseverance. You are totally unstoppable when you have a goal, and though you may not take the fastest route to the finish line, in the end your sheer determination and force of will means you'll come from behind to take the prize (even if "the prize" is the cute private school boy you've been scoping in the park).

+/-: You have high standards and can be quick to judge. But friends aren't teaspoons, so don't be so quick to say they don't measure up.

Friend Match: Spontaneous you are not, but when you're not playing Serious Student you've got an offbeat sense of humor that craves expression. Look for a quirky Aries BFF to crack up with.

Love Match: You're pretty independent, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't feel nice to be appreciated by a special someone. You like a guy who listens, so a patient, relationship-oriented Cancer is your best bet.

Best color: Maroon
Best job: Veterinarian
Best vacation spot: Rome

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