Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cha Cha Cha


Expansive, Motivated, Ambitious

If you were a golf tournament, you'd be the Masters. Once you strike on a passion you're determined to become the best at it (thus the gorgeous cashmere sweater you made during your knitting phase). You're super patient and can come across as shy, but people who mistake you for being happy to stay in the shadows had better watch out--you're just waiting for your moment to claim your place in the sun.

+/-: You dream of having a house so big it could feature on MTV Cribs, seven Bentleys, and a private plane to boot. But money won't make you laugh or give you a hug when you're feeling sad. Focus your ambitions on being a good friend, and you'll get way more payback.

Friend Match: You can be super closed off when somebody has hurt or disappointed you, but an ultra-perceptive Pisces will be able to tell when something's up.

Love Match: You need a guy to show you the beauty in the simple things, like a sporty Sagittarius who loves hiking, biking, and just playing around outside--no credit card necessary, no drama allowed.

Best date: Concert in the park
Best hobby: Ballet
Best style: Your closet is filled with Polo shirts and cardigan sweaters

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