Friday, September 25, 2009

To All Our September 25th B-day Peeps


Hard-Working, Witty, Determined

You'd be the perfect judge on American Idol: you love to be in the spotlight, and your greatest talent lies in critiquing and exposing flaws. Naturally inclined to journalism and photography, you're always blogging about ways your school could improve (Starbucks in the cafeteria, anyone)? You can be extremely sarcastic and anyone who's ever been on the wrong side of one of your scathing jokes knows that when it comes to you, the tongue is mightier than the sword.

+/-: Your sarcastic sense of humor leaves your friends ROTFL. But be careful about tossing out caustic commentary super casually, since you never know who could be the next casualty (and your teacher will not be amused by your impression of her).

Friend Match: You work your butt off, so on weekend take a break to hang out with a Capricorn BFF. She’s got a good sense of the big picture, so she’ll keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

Love Match: They say you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Obviously you don't want insects buzzing around, but every so often give your tongue-lashings a rest and let the Aquarius you're crushing on see the sweet side.

Best job: Gossip columnist
Star match: Catherine Zeta-Jones
Best style: Retro

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