Friday, September 4, 2009

All my b-day people out there, make noise!


Methodical, Capable, Constructive

If you were a toy you would be legos, all about building, putting things together, and watching things stack up. Super organized and detail-oriented, you're always helping your friends redecorate their rooms or clean out their closets. Naturally inclined towards science and art, you like to work with your hands--and have got such a talent for getting the project done, you could host your own show on HGTV.

+/-: You love helping out, and your 'rents can always count on you to babysit your younger sibs or rake and bag leaves--just like your friends count on you to give fashion advice and help them organize their desk drawers. But remember that you deserve a little TLC, too!

Friend Match: You'll always go the extra mile for your friends, so you deserve a BFF who will always go the distance for you. An ultra-loyal Taurus will always be there for you.

Love Match: Crazy in love? Not so much. You keep your head firmly on your shoulders at all times. But a certain Sagittarius sweetie with a killer smile--and the ability to make you laugh when you're feeling stressed--may change your perspective.

Best hobby: Habitat for Humanity volunteer
Best pet: Cockatoo
Star match: Beyonce Knowles

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