Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to You and You and You


Sophisticated, Persevering, Aloof

Du caviar, s’il vous plait? If life is a box of chocolates, you’re a champagne-filled Godiva truffle. You’re so sophisticated you could make the Queen of England seem gauche, and your attention to detail (you can spot a faux-Prada bag from a mile off) means you’re a perfectionist about everything. Just make sure your snooty attitude doesn’t have other people saying non merci.

+/-: Your meet-and-greet skills leave something to be desired. Even ultra-VIP rooms are meant to be shared, so every so often you might want to give the common people a shot. Pizza and scary movies may not be luxe, but they can be as fun as any four-star evening.

Friend Match: It’s tough for you to just spill your guts to a lot of people, so big sleepover parties aren’t exactly your thing. But your Gemini BFF is a different story. You can trust her never to spread your secrets, and her honesty with you—you’re the only person who knows she faints at the sight of blood!—helps you open up.

Love Match: You’re in your own world most of the time, which is why you barely notice when a cute Uranus-ruled boy starts flirting with you in the lunch line. Don’t judge him just because of his sticker-covered skateboard—you might be surprised by how much you have in common.

Best accessory: Jet black Porsche
Best style: Haute couture
Best vacation spot: Five-star hotel in Milan

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