Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29th is where the party's at!


Social, Sensible, Fun-Loving

You should be a musical instrument, because you're all about harmony. Though you'll definitely stand up and defend your beliefs--like the cruelty of your school's dress code!--for the most part you just want everyone to get along. Though practical and accomplished, you also have a passive side that makes it difficult for you to confront challenges head-on and super easy to procrastinate. And with a ton of friends flocking to you for your take-it-easy vibe, you've got a ton of reasons not to tackle that homework!

+/-: You're a lover, not a fighter, but everyone needs at least a little armor to protect them from everyday abuse. Work on building self-esteem so that other people's opinions--good or bad--don't have so much effect on you.

Friend Match: These ruled by the number 2 tend to make great partners, so it’s no wonder that both you and a BFF whose birthday falls on the 2nd will be practically joined at the hip, agreeing on everything from TV shows to the best brand of spaghetti sauce (Classico!).

Love Match: Like you, a Libra boy will like to keep things laid-back and light, but his studious side will be a good influence when you're tempted to put off your math homework again.

Best accessory: YoYo (Fun. Colorful. Retro. It’s sure to brighten anyone’s mood!)
Star match: Oprah Winfrey
Best style: Hippie

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