Thursday, January 21, 2010

You were born in the last week...


Diligent, Steady, Thorough

You're a glass all-full girl; you can't stand to leave anything half-finished or partially undone. Ruled by the idea of fulfillment, you're extremely dedicated to the activities and projects you pursue but equally obsessed with guarding your close friendships and finding a long-term relationship (month-to-month crushes so aren't your thing). You need lots of positive reenforcement--you practically invented the question, "Does this make my butt look fat?"--and have to work hard to find confidence and happiness on your own. It's true what they say: if you love yourself first, the rest will fall into place (including Mr. Perfect).

+/-: Being such a hard worker definitely pays off, but be careful of biting off more than you can chew. Running for social chair may sound appealing, but your commitments are stacking up so quickly you're bound to choke.

Friend Match: A Scorpio in your close crew is the definition of the word frenemy, always undermining you when you need a leg up. Go ahead and trade up for a Sun-ruled Leo who will always be your cheerleader.

Love Match: Your usual routine is thrown off balance by an explosive Uranus-ruled guy with a penchant for troublemaking.

Best date: Walk along the pier
Best job: High School principal
Star match: Kate Moss


Independent, Forceful, Expressive

You could be a boxer, because when it comes to getting your way you are the heavyweight champion of the whole astrological year. Goal-oriented and ultra-direct, you always make your presence felt, whether you're taking control of a group project or strutting--never walking!--into the cafeteria. Your close friends know better than to argue with you; just like the final chapter of a book, you always get the last word.

+/-: You and the fourth of July have something in common: all about independence. Wanting to do your own thing is one thing, but refusing to play well with others will leave you celebrating every holiday on your lonesome. Practice compromise.

Friend Match: You and a Jupiter-ruled friend have been BFF forever. Why? Your bluntness can be hard to handle, but this level-headed girl doesn’t so much as blink when you start on one of your rants.

Love Match: When it comes to romance, you can be the equivalent of a linebacker--intimidating. Good thing a confident and mischievous boy born in early May knows how to push right back.

Best color: Orange
Best pet: Pitbull
Star match: Zooey Deschanel


Imaginative, Naïve, Fun

If you were a Disney character, you'd be Peter Pan, because you never want to grow up. You love having fun and being silly just as much as you did as a child, and getting older doesn't hold that much appeal (um….responsibility? More homework? No thank you). You crave constant excitement and tend to spend a lot of time in your head, fantasizing about your own private version of Never-Never Land (which just happens to involve a hot boy from your math class). Make sure once in a while you touch down to earth.

+/-: You tend to run away from anything that's painful (including homework, confrontations, and extra-high heels). In real life it's important to learn how to balance work and fun. Try to get over your fear of all things serious, or everyone will start thinking of you as a joke.

Friend Match: You can be pretty gullible, so you need a trusty earth-sign friend to keep you grounded. When you totally fall for something (an unused iPhone for only $15??), she’ll keep you clued in to the joke before you become the punch line.

Love Match: Ironically, though you're fun and playful (and occasionally immature), your best relationship bet is to a totally-together Taurus who acts way older than his age. Opposites attract, and in this case it's all about balance.

Best job: Preschool teacher
Best hobby: Who cares if you’re friends think it’s silly? You’re awesome at jump roping.
Theme song: I’m Like a Bird – Nelly Furtado


Electric, Creative, Influential

You're just like LASIK: all about vision. You've got the true soul of an artist (many famous singers, painters, and writers were born on this day), spending most of your time in your own fantasy world and refusing to compromise your ideals, beliefs, and desires. Super intense and ultra creative, you find it almost impossible to do everyday things like clean your room, do your homework, or listen to your teachers, which means you often find yourself at odds with others.

+/-: You've got the energy of a fireworks display--but just like fireworks, you have a tendency to burn out quickly. Your moods are constantly shifting (thrilled one minute, devastated the next). Work to create balance and stability in your life.

Friend Match: Playing well with others isn't your thing, but you and a Gemini friend have similarly artistic temperaments--and a similar tendency to explode when things don't go your way. Oh, well. All that arguing just fuels your creative fire.

Love Match: Sun-ruled guys have a tendency to think the world revolves around them (big surprise). You're attracted to confident attitudes but won't let yourself be bossed around, so expect a tug-of-war when you try to make it work with a boy born in late April.

Best accessory: Oil paints and a canvas, natch
Best date: Snorkeling
Star match: Janis Joplin


Expressive, Spontaneous, Big-Hearted

You have the same motto as Nike: Just Do It. If you get the urge to act, you always go for it, whether your gut is telling you to snap up two pairs of the newest must-have jeans or shimmy on the dance floor while everyone else is still standing by the beverage table. You have a great sense of humor and don't take yourself--or life--too seriously. No matter how crazy your schedule is or what kind of drama is going down at school, you're confident you can handle whatever comes your way.

+/-: There's no doubt people look up to you for your optimism and positivity, but you can't always take center-stage. When your BFF is telling a story don't interrupt or try to compete with a story of your own; it just makes you seem petty.

Friend Match: You play cheerleader for a sensitive Pisces friend, and she plays artistic director. Who else would make like a five-year-old and spend a whole afternoon finger painting with you?

Love Match: A serious Saturn-ruled cutie may be staying away because he thinks you're superficial. Once he realizes that you just like to have fun, he'll be tempted to loosen up around you--and you may find yourself opening up to him about way more than juicy gossip and the latest lip gloss color.

Best color: Indigo
Best date: Day at the beach
Best pet: Dalmatian


Magnetic, Colorful, Open

You're just like an ice cube in water: headed straight for the top. A true trendsetter, if you start rocking wide leg jeans with a sailor button fly you can guarantee that everyone in school will start doing the same. Ambitious, competitive, and driven, you also know how to kick back and veg when it's time to relax. You're very persuasive so people line up to follow your lead, and you can be friends with just about anybody (except for Smelly Boy in your science class).

+/-: You know you want to be the best at whatever you do, but you have a hard time settling on any one goal for long. Beware of Dandruff Dilemma--stop drifting!

Friend Match: You suffer from a serious case of whiplash, always whipping around to watch your friends follow behind you. That's why a confident and outspoken Leo is your ideal BFF. She'll set the pace, not just follow in your footsteps.

Love Match: Whether you like to admit it or not, you're a heartbreaker. Often you don't perceive the effects of your actions on others, so if an Aries guy is too flaky for you, stop smiling at him and offering homework help. Instead look for a more driven Sagittarius whose ambitious energies match your own.

Best hobby: Knitting (all the celebs do it to relax)
Star match: Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice)
Best style: Retro

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