Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Listen Up, January 12th B-day People!


Inspirational, Committed, Lively

You should be a C.E.O., because you're all about taking care of business. You're the go-to girl for food drives, bake sales, and volunteer time, and you're quick to pick up a new cause (Save the trees! Go green!). Never one to hide your feelings, you always speak your mind. Unfortunately there's one business you're not so good at--minding your own! Not everyone's as outspoken as you, so be careful not to spill someone else's secrets.

+/-: The fact that you talk a mile a minute is charming--you're enthusiastic--but the fact that you have an opinion on eva-rything from the color of your BFF's nails to the best way to eat an ice cream cone occasionally makes you seem full of yourself. Let someone else get a word in edgewise.

Friend Match: You’ve got a ton of names in your cell’s phonebook, but only your Neptune-ruled BFF on speed-dial. Her active imagination is the perfect counterpoint for your get-‘er’-done ways.

Love Match: A brown-eyed Aquarius has caught your eye, but his flighty ways and inability to make plans will drive you crazy. Stick with a steady basketball-playing Leo with a killer smile.

Best accessory: LIVESTRONG bracelet (you were one of the first people to wear one, obvs)
Best hobby: Teen helpline
Theme song: A Little Less Conversation – Elvis Presley

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