Monday, January 4, 2010

And now for January 4th...


Conceptual, Structured, Pragmatic

In the great puzzle of life, you’re the girl lining up the pieces. An excellent problem solver, your friends know they can count on you to straighten out the Mega-Messes, like what to do when your heel breaks in mid-march or how to decipher your math teacher’s mysterious homework assignments. But don’t be afraid of not having all of the answers: sometimes the picture’s actually prettier when the edges don’t quite line up.

+/-: You’re a great girl to have along for a road trip, because you’ve got the route totally planned out. But sometimes the unpredictable detours are the most fun, so don’t shy away from straying off the path.

Friend Match: A sloppy Scorpio friend will drive you crazy with her laissez-fair attitude towards homework and housework (read: her bedroom looks like a natural-disaster-area). But her crazy sense of humor and 24/7 energy will help you loosen up.

Love Match: A charming fire sign who's always chatting you up makes your insides go fluttery, but you're not the only girl who's getting a dose of his attention. When it comes to love you're all or nothing, so stick with a loyal (and adorable) Taurus who can keep his eyes on you.

Best color: Sky blue
Best job: ER doctor
Best vacation spot: Small cottage in Ireland

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