Monday, January 4, 2010

Birthday Backlog BEGINS NOW!

Sorry for the delay in our b-day postings! The Penguin offices were closed for the holidays. But, in case any of you out there have been waiting with bated breath, here you go!


Active, Responsible, Dynamic

You're just like a jackhammer: always breaking new ground. Whether petitioning your school to get a Taco Bell in the caf or being the first girl to win the State math competition, you're always looking for ways to do things bigger and better. But although you're definitely a dreamer, you're no radical or rebel: in fact, you tend to be very cautious when it comes to pursuing your plans and you consider problems carefully before you try and tackle them.

+/-: You should be a crotchety old grandmother, because you can't stand it when people talk back to you. Lose the old-woman-attitude and listen when people have other points of view; it's the only way to learn.

Friend Match: Face it: you can be bossy. At first you may not appreciate it that an equally strong-willed fire-sign gives as good as she gets, but after a while you'll love her for keeping you in check (and being your #1 ally).

Love Match: You love the thrill of the chase, so a Mercury-ruled Virgo who's not giving you the time of day will set your heart beating faster. Keep your eye on the prize and remember that his private side makes it difficult for him to open up--but once you bring the heat, he's bound to melt.

Best color: Hazel
Best job: Architect
Style icon: Madonna


Visionary, Dramatic, Emotional

You're just like a dog swimming in the ocean: no matter how rough the waves get, you always keep your head above water. Those born on December 24th can typically expect lives filled with emotional challenges--and rewards--more intense than other people's. Intuitive and passionate, you're quick to react (both positively and negatively) to other people. And though you often sweat the small stuff, you take equal amounts of joy in life's little pleasures.

+/-: You may be super smart, but when it comes to learning from your mistakes your report card blush. When something goes wrong, don't pretend it didn't happen. You'll never be able to avoid tripping up if you don't look back down the path to see what made you fumble.

Friend Match: You have so many emotional emergencies, you should have 911 on speed dial. Thank goodness a level-headed Libra's there when you need someone to lean on. Her advice is always spot-on.

Love Match: You've got an artist's soul, and any guy who chills with you had better be cool with spending hours debating a movie over mochas and dancing in the rain at midnight. A sensitive and passionate Scorpio will bring you all of the romance you crave.

Best date: Seeing a play
Star match: Stephenie Meyer
Theme song: Breathe – Anna Nalick


Successful, Bold, Curious

If you were a movie, you'd be Ghost Busters: all about the supernatural. Artistic, creative, and unique, you're inspired by the unusual side of life, which is why you're more likely to be holding a seance or learning belly-dance than trying out for the soccer team. Your desire to explore the outer limits means you're a risk-taker and a boundary-pusher--when it comes to pursuing your dreams, you're always willing to go the extra mile.

+/-: There's a difference between being a realist and a pessimist, so while it doesn't hurt to keep your feet on the ground, that doesn't mean you have to lose your sense of wonder and appreciation.

Friend Match: Sometimes you get so wrapped up in the pursuit of a goal, you forget one of the most important goals: have fun! Luckily, a Gemini BFF reminds you to loosen up (one word: karaoke).

Love Match: Once you spy a unique Pisces with a take-me-or-leave-me 'tude you'll know you've found The One. Just remember that the influence of Neptune on his sign makes him independent, so make sure you give him space when you're in hot pursuit of his heart.

Best color: Olive green
Best hobby: Feng Shui
Best vacation spot: Papua New Guinea


Careful, Persevering, Methodical

If you were a boxer, you'd definitely be champion, because nobody's gonna hold you down. You meet challenges head-on and you're not afraid of anyone or anything. Unsurprisingly, you can often come across as rebellious and are always finding yourself in conflict with parents, teachers, and flaky frenemies. But you also have the courage to stand up for truth and fairness on occasions when other (weaker) people run for cover.

+/-: It's a good thing you don't do yoga, because you're totally inflexible. You have your opinions and routines on lock, but you'll never discover new opportunities and friends if you don't learn to lighten up. You don't have to be doing the downward dog to breathe and relax once in a while.

Friend Match: Your inner circle is tougher to get into than an NYC nightclub. But don't write off a Leo just because she had opinions that differ from yours; once you let her in, she'll stay by your side forever and help you fight even your toughest battles.

Love Match: You're used to being the dominant one in your relationships, but that might not be so easy with a headstrong Mars-ruled boy. Maybe it's time you let someone else take the lead.

Best accessory: Sneakers
Best hobby: Swim team
Style icon: Angelina Jolie


Giving, Noble, Devoted

If life were a department store, you'd be its customer service department: you always want to help out. Deeply concerned with the needs of your family, friends, and even community, you're the first to volunteer at a local animal shelter or rush to your BFF's house when she's dealing with heartbreak. You have a great sense of humor and are generally optimistic and happy, though because of your sensitivity to others you get hurt easily.

+/-: You give so much, you may as well be Santa Claus. But make sure you know who goes on the Naughty list before you start doling out hand-outs; not everyone is worth your favors or attention.

+/-: You are NOT a football (you don’t even like the sport!), so don’t let yourself get kicked around. Make sure you surround yourself with people who won't take advantage of your kindness, like an equally generous Cancer for whom friendship is golden.

Friend Match: One thing you're definitely not into? Guys who act like they're God's gift to the world. Soon you'll be singing your R-E-S-P-E-C-T for a good-natured Sagittarius understands life's real blessings--like family and friends.

Best job: Head of a charity organization
Best style: Casual
Theme song: Give a Little Bit – Goo Goo Dolls


Self-Assured, Sophisticated, Smart

You're just like a classic Chanel quilted bag: simple and sophisticated. You have a solid, grounded energy that nonetheless carries with it a kind of je-ne-sais-quoi; your elegance comes from the fact that you know exactly who you are and what you want. No matter how much you blossom you never forget your roots, and your earthiness lends you a confidence and appeal that makes other people gravitate to you.

+/-: You love to be appreciated, and you've got plenty of admirers to make you feel special. But sometimes it pays to step off that pedestal and mingle with the common peeps. Holding a pose 24/7 is bound to get boring.

Friend Match: You're always down to dole out advice, and you've got a group of girlfriends hanging on your every word. Just make sure you've got your own Dr. Phil for times of trouble, like a loyal and even-tempered Leo who's always willing to lend an ear.

Love Match: You get so much chocolate on Valentine's Day, you could open up your own candy store. It's cool that you inspire so many crushes, but make sure to hold out for a cool and sophisticated Scorpio who thinks outside of the (chocolate) box.

Best accessory: Vintage pearl earrings
Best pet: Collie
Style icon: Jackie O


Interesting, Communicative, Commanding

You're just like a duck in water: even when you don't try, you always float to the top. Even though you try to stay out of the spotlight, you somehow always find yourself heading up group projects and organizing your friends' social calendars. But it’s no accident that people turn to you for guidance: you’re strong, sensible, and smart, and you've got a low-key sense of humor that carries you through when other people's expectations are weighing on you.

+/-: Just like the leader in a game of Simon Says, people do whatever you tell them. But here's another game it pays to know how to play: Sorry. If you mess up, apologize.

Friend Match: Although you love being in a group, you could use some help when it comes to basic social skills (like compromise, and learning to listen to other people's opinions). A Libra who defines the term "social butterfly" can help.

Love Match: Because you're Type-A, most people assume you’re super serious. But an Aquarius cutie will vibe with your ironic sense of humor, so you'll never have to worry about running out of conversation--or laughs--with him.

Best date: You’re happiest just talking over coffee
Best hobby: Teen helpline
Theme song: The Remedy (I Won’t Worry) – Jason Mraz


Capable, Pragmatic, Realistic

You're just like a Stop sign: direct, to the point, and if people know what's good for them, they'll do what they say. Blessed with a natural talent for taking charge, you've got a commanding presence that makes you seem older than your age. You're a true Queen Bee: you want things done right, and you want them done quickly, and although you can be a generous and good-natured friend, you turn vicious when someone calls your authority into question.

+/-: You value honesty and don't see the point of beating around the bush, but certain situations call for a little bit of tact. If your BFF's jeans make her look like a sausage casing, keep it under wraps--just let her know that she looks hotter in the peasant skirt.

Friend Match: You hate mess, so an all-over-the-place Aries drives you crazy with her carelessness and recklessness. But you can't deny her hilarious schemes will keep you entertained--and keep you from getting too uptight.

Love Match: You're a traditional girl, so you want a guy who will take charge of asking you out (you wouldn't mind a bouquet of roses, either). Look for a Leo with an old-school sense of values. . .and a habit of opening doors.

Best color: Seashell
Best date: Dinner and a movie (there’s a reason it’s so cliché)
Star match: Eliza Dushku


Appreciative, Tasteful, Idealistic

If you were a Disney princess, you would be Belle: all about beauty (just no beasts, please!). You spend hours every morning primping in front of the mirror, but people who accuse you of being shallow have got it twisted. You love beauty in all forms, from lyrical poems and classic films to perfect sunsets and amazing couture dresses. You avoid confrontation and always seek harmony and stability, which means you can sometimes seem shy.

+/-: You hate mess, chaos, and ugliness, and when something doesn't please you--whether it's your friend's chartreuse sweater or a news story on TV--you tend to ignore it. But denial is the ugliest thing of all, so learn how to confront your fears (ugh, angora!) head-on.

Friend Match: It's great that you're such an idealist, but you could use an earthier influence to keep your dreams and plans grounded in reality. A serious and sweet-tempered Taurus will help you find your footing.

Love Match: Face it: you've got a serious habit of judging books by their covers. Make sure you don't miss out on a hilarious and fun-loving Aries just because his style's a bit bummy: beneath those shaggy bangs and the rocker t-shirt, he's a total catch.

Best job: Art critic
Star match: Diane von Furstenberg
Theme song: No More Drama – Mary J. Blige


Responsible, Organized, Capable

If life were a big math equation, you would be the plus sign. From the fact that those little suckers get tacked onto every “A” paper you write ("Shoes and Sexism in Shakespearean England"--genius!) to your positive outlook, it all adds up to one thing: you’ve got it together. In fact, there are only three C’s in your life: acting Cool, Calm, and Collected. Unfortunately when it comes to the fourth C—Chilling—you get a big, fat F.

+/-: You want to make sure everybody’s happy, but don’t let your need to make nice get in the way of getting what you deserve. Sometimes it pays to put the puh-leeze back in people pleaser.

Friend Match: You need a BFF who's got her act together just like you, so you're not always playing babysitter (or worse, clean-up crew). A confident Leo will balance out your type-A tendencies with her creativity and love of fun.

Love Match: A hot Scorpio overachiever has been driving you crazy with his know-it-all attitude forever. Will the tension make for an explosive relationship or a steady flame? Only one way to find out.

Best accessory: No-whip Mocha Frappuccino
Best color: Sangria
Best job: Wedding Planner


Reliable, Achieving, Loyal

You’re the human equivalent of a KitchenAid crockpot: you work best when you’re under pressure. Whether it’s a term paper for social studies or helping your BFF select the perfect outfit for a summer barbecue, you always get the job done right. But staying on 24/7 will make any girl want to blow, so be sure and make time to let off some steam.

+/-: When you care about someone, you’ll do anything to help out. But you’ve got worries of your own! As hard as it may be, sometimes you just have to sign “Return to Sender” on other people’s baggage.

Friend Match: When you’re stressing, your Mercury-ruled BFF can help you keep things in perspective. You keep her in line by reminding her that a legwarmer-and-metallic tights combo is more repulsive than retro, and she mixes it up by reminding you not to care so much.

Love Match: In your case opposites really do attract, and you need a laid-back guy who can laugh with (and at) you when you're freaking out about reorganizing your sock drawer by color. A fun-loving Libra will help keep things light.

Best pet: Turtle (not only is it cute, it also reminds you that sometimes you have to slow down!)
Star match: Kate Bosworth
Theme song: Piece of Me – Britney Spears


Trustworthy, Stubborn, Competitive

You may be a lover (as your super close-knit crew can attest) but you’ve definitely got some fight in you, too. Whether you’re holding court about having tuna casserole for dinner (a no-go) or the importance of going green, you always stand up for what you believe. You aren’t afraid to draw a line in the sand and your friends (and enemies!) feel it: some people are plain shut out of your Inner Circle’s cabana.

+/-: It’s great to have strong opinions, but make sure you’re not talking so loudly you miss what other people are saying. It’s not a conversation if only one person’s sharing, and you risk missing out on a friend’s perspective.

Friend Match: An easygoing air-sign friend will let you take the lead, whether you're insisting on Cherry Coke at the movie theater or calling shotgun in her older sib's car.

Love Match: You and a cute Taurus will go head to head on everything from school politics to American Cheese vs. Cheddar. Beneath the constant battling you're both very similar--and a perfect pair!

Best accessory: Your “Save the Whales” bumper sticker is always a conversation starter
Best hobby: Debate team
Best style: Professional

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