Thursday, January 14, 2010

Born on the 14th of January...


Indomitable, Courageous, Organized

You're like a SONY IMAX movie screen: all about the big picture. While some people get snagged up on the details, you're able to take a step back and see the whole problem and the whole solution, which makes you an excellent team captain and the perfect leader on group projects. For this reason you don't shy away from difficult situations--like advanced math classes or malls the day after Thanksgiving. It's not that you're attracted to danger, it's just that you have no fear. In a film about your life, your attitude would put the red-carpet rave in bravery.

+/-: When you witness an injustice (like someone cutting in front of the snack line!), you’re on it before you can say “nacho cheese.” But some battles aren’t yours to fight, or just aren’t worth the hassle, so learn to tell the difference.

Friend Match: Any best friend of yours has to be prepared to cover you when you're headed for a war zone (again). A courageous and faithful Taurus BFF will have your back when you're pleading your No-Grounding case to your 'rents.

Love Match: Nothing drives you crazier than someone who doesn't speak his mind, which is why your heart start skipping beats when an opinionated and outgoing Taurus waltzes into your English class--and your life.

Best color: Sapphire
Best job: Federal judge
Theme song: Revolution – The Beatles

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