Friday, January 15, 2010

To all you January 15th b-day peeps....


Idealistic, Fun-Loving, Heroic

If you were a TV show you would be Heroes; you may not have a secret identity (or a fabulous superhero outfit), but whenever there's a crisis your friends, parents, and teachers can count on you to step up to the plate. Mom running late and can't pick up your little sis? You'll swoop in on your bike and solve the problem. BFF's boyfriend dumped her on Valentine's Day? You're there with a box of tissues and a pint of ice cream before she can say sniffle. Just remember to pick your battles, as going head to head with everybody you meet will just leave you with a headache.

+/-: Every superhero has a super-weakness, and yours is being too stubborn and refusing to listen to other people's advice. Keep your mind and your heart open.

Friend Match: You can’t stand any kind of unfairness, and a balance-obsessed Libra is exactly the same way. You'll see eye to eye about almost everything, making her the perfect sidekick.

Love Match: Every girl knows that boys can be dogs, but don’t let one self-centered Sagittarius ruin you on all guys. Just because he was a mutt, doesn’t mean that there’s not some serious puppy love in your future with a certain cutie born in early August.

Best accessory: Swiss army knife (a hot pink one, of course!)
Star match: Regina King
Best vacation spot: Youth hostel in Switzerland

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