Friday, January 22, 2010

What's Happening January 22nd B-day People?


Emotional, Explosive, Exciting

You're just like a mug of steaming hot chocolate: impossible to resist, with a tendency to scorch. Intensely energetic and extremely impulsive, you're a classic wild child: loads of fun, the intensity of your personality can also burn people who get too close. Because you're independent, intuitive, and fearless, though, a ton of friends are willing to take the risk--and get rewarded by your sweetness big time.

+/-: The occasional need to vent is normal; flying-off-the-handle in a rage whenever something doesn't go your way is not. Take some deep breaths the next time you're seeing red, or you'll get blacklisted by your friends and fam.

Friend Match: A know-it-all Taurus friend can be a little annoying, but when you want to leap before you look she'll be your eyes and steer you away from the danger zone--like leopard print tights and the bad boy in your art class.

Love Match: Your high energy and need for fun means your idea of a date is definitely not couch time + Sports Center. You need a guy who's as fearless and outgoing as you are, like a super-social Aries.

Best accessory: Hiking gear
Best date: Skydiving
Theme song: Holiday – Weezer

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