Friday, January 8, 2010

January 8th -- It's a Friday! Yay Friday! And Happy Birthday to You!


Confident, Influential, Intense

You’re just like a ten-car pileup, because you’re all about making an impact. It’s not that you’re prone to explosions--you like to keep the drama in check--but whether you’re striding down the hallway or kicking butt on the soccer field, it’s all about making an impression. You have amazing powers of concentration (you rock standardized tests) and have an innate sense of timing, meaning you crack your friends up on the regular.

+/-: Your motto is, My Way or the Highway, but it’s a lonely road to travel when you’re always insisting there’s only one right way. Learn to forgive and accept other people’s point of view.

Friend Match: Because you both insist on having your way, you and a Fall-born BFF have an explosive relationship, with more ins and outs than an episode of Project Runway. Friendship should never go out of fashion so try and work on compromising.

Love Match: You can be very intimidating, so you need a guy with a strong sense of self to serve as your match. But don't confuse someone who hangs back with someone who's afraid to step up: a quiet, music-loving Scorpio who flies under the radar has more than enough confidence to pair up with you.

Best hobby: High school radio station
Best style: Bollywood
Best vacation spot: Celeb hotspot in Cannes

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