Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy birthday to all you January 13ers!


Goal-Oriented, Proud, Autonomous

If life was a high-end gym, you'd be the stairclimber: you're all about social mobility. You've got places to be and people to see, and you're not afraid to step on the little people to get what you want. You lust after Gucci bags the way some people crave chocolate, and your dream is to become a high-powered attorney or businesswoman (good thing you're practicing those argumentative skills with your 'rents now!) You’ve definitely got your pride, so it can be hard for you to admit any kind of mistake.

+/-: It's fine to be ambitious, but just remember what they say: the toes you step on today could be connected to the butt you kiss tomorrow. Try not to burn bridges.

Friend Match: When it comes to new people, you can be a little guarded. That’s why you need a feisty fire-sign BFF to help bring you out of your shell – when you start to let loose, you can be the life of the party!

Love Match: You’ve got a crush on someone new practically every week, a soulful and sincere Mercury-ruled boy might have you singing the praises of coupling off for good.

Best pet: Maltese
Star match: Seventeen Magazine’s former editor-in-chief Atoosa Rubenstein (She knows a thing or two about climbing the corporate ladder!)
Best style: Mod

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