Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14th --- And now the countdown to winter break really starts....


Original, Provocative, Daring

You and a jar of spaghetti sauce have something in common: it's hard to get you to open up! Though you may come across as outgoing and very social, in reality you have an intensely private side that you rarely reveal to anyone. You've got a ton of acquaintances and admirers but only a few very close friends, and though you may let people in on where you're headed on a Friday night, you hardly ever share your true feelings and thoughts.

+/-: It's no wonder your friends get frustrated trying to figure you out: you're harder to unravel than a knee-high lace-up boot. But keeping all of your complexity to yourself will just leave you feeling alienated and frustrated, so learn to speak up about your true thoughts and feelings.

Friend Match: You and a Cancer can totally relate: she, too, values privacy and a small circle of close friends. She won't force you to talk about what you're going through, but her sensitivity and trustworthiness means you'll be inclined to open up.

Love Match: You have a forceful will and you're very persuasive, but when a smoldering Scorpio with a secretive nature starts getting close to you, you'll step back and let him take the lead.

Best accessory: Your diary (with a lock, of course)
Star match: Vanessa Hudgens
Best style: Emo

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