Monday, December 7, 2009

Back it Up Now -- B-Days from December 4th-6th


Energetic, Gutsy, Aggressive

You should be a Nike ad, because you always Just Do It. When you want something you pursue it relentlessly and you don't let anybody or anything stand in your way. You jump so many hurdles you should compete on the Olympic team, and you're no stranger to struggle. Sometimes you're so focused on your goals you neglect the needs of family and friends, and your desire to dominate means you can be kind of bossy.

+/-: You're amazingly strong, but even you have limits, so learn them. You can't be a star soccer player and social VP and the editor-in-chief of the yearbook, so take a shot at saying No once in a while.

Friend Match: You and a stubborn Taurus are bound to butt heads 24/7, but you do need a BFF who is strong enough to tell you when you are out of line, like a grounded and confident Capricorn.

Love Match: You're all about power, but you haven't yet given to the greatest power of all: L-O-V-E. You'll never truly fall unless you're willing to let go, so try letting someone else--like a super-popular Leo with a powerful presence--take the lead for once.

Best date: Dinner and dancing
Best job: Professional athlete
Star match: Tyra Banks

P.S. Don't you just love Tyra?


Confident, Daring, Active

Being you is like sporting a tube top to a formal garden party: both require a ton of confidence. You're blessed with a strong belief in your ability to pull things off, whether you're assembling your social studies project at the last second or rocking leather pants to homecoming. In general, your confidence is justified--things have a way of turning out right for you--but you have to learn when to admit it on the rare occasions you need help.

+/-: It's great that you're so positive, but don't dismiss people as haters just because they're not all roses-and-sunshine. You might benefit from constructive criticism, so open up your ears.

Friend Match: You sure know how to rock what you've got, but you could use some help knowing when to rein it in a little--for example, busting out into a karaoke rendition of 'I Will Survive' at your parents' X-mas party might not be the best idea. Trust a down-to-earth and laid back Libra to let you know when to lay off the theatrics.

Love Match: You're just like a pizza: made to share. You can't stand secrets and need a guy who's willing to spill his hopes and dreams, like an open-hearted and expressive Aries.

Best job: Personal shopper
Best style: Funky
Theme song: Lose Control – Missy Elliot

P.S. Oh, how I wish I could afford a personal shopper, but alas....


Pragmatic, Perceptive, Capable

You should be a jeweler, because you've got an eye for that diamond in the rough. You can make the best out of any situation and you're always able to spot things--like antique bedside tables and grungy-looking guys--that with just a little bit of polish will sparkle like new. Extremely practical, you're a born organizer and manager, and your competitive nature means that you're always out to win.

+/-: It's great that you're always looking ahead, but if you don't pause for breath you're going to miss out on a chance to stop and smell the roses. Life's too short already, so make time to appreciate it.

Friend Match: When someone disappoints you, you have a tendency to drop the friendship faster than a socialite drops names. Buddy up with someone who will teach you the value of perseverance and communication, like an extra-patient Cancer.

Love Match: You need to respect the object of your affections, and then means no whiners, moaners, or self-pitiers for you. Ideally, you need a guy who's as strong-willed and competitive like you, like a take-charge Taurus.

Best accessory: Vintage Polaroid camera
Best color: Orchid
Best hobby: School events coordinator

P.S. If you can make a vintage Polaroid camera look cool, my hat's off to you.

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  1. Oh, Dec 5th is my birthday! Personal Shopper it is!