Wednesday, December 9, 2009

If you were born on December 9th...


Romantic, Fiery, Energetic

You deserve an award for Best Performance, because you're always the star of the show. You love to be the center of attention, and you've got a knack for sniffing out (or starting!) drama. Imaginative and prone to flights of fancy, you're always playing casting director and putting yourself in the role of heroine, leader, or diva. Paradoxically, though often shy as children, those born on December 9th grow to be true extroverts and big personalities.

+/-: You definitely command attention, but you don’t always have to be steal the stage. Sometimes it’s nice to play a supporting part, and let someone else have the chance to shine for once.

Friend Match: You're super protective when it comes to your posse, so a Capricorn who shies away from confrontation can rely on you to have her back. In return, she can help mellow out your outrageous energies and keep you grounded.

Love Match: People who only see your outgoing side would be surprised to find out that you’re shy when it comes to boys. You need a dependable guy with a relaxed attitude to balance out the more fiery side of your personality, so you can trust a Libra to make you feel comfortable.

Best job: Entertainment reporter
Best style: Bollywood
Best vacation spot: Puerto Rico

P.S. Oh, I wish I was in Puerto Rico right now.... The wind tousling my hair, the smell of the ocean tickling my nose, the sand crunching beneath my feet = infinitely bettter than being in New York (i.e. land of cold rain where my umbrella blows inside out and my hair frizzes due to the humidity).

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