Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's December 2nd -- And the Craziness that is Time Accelerating Continues...

Plus it's your b-day!!!!


Dynamic, Spirited, Active

You should be on the silver screen, because you're all about being larger-than-life. You have a tremendous presence; when you walk into the room, people bow down or step out of the way. You believe that life is a boxing match and you're looking for an all-out knock-out victory. Your tendency to see things in terms of struggle means you often hold grudges, and you're prone to furious and frightening temper tantrums when people disappoint you.

+/-: It's great that you're so ambitious and strong, but winning really isn't everything. No trophy or award in the world will comfort you when you're feeling down or make you crack up when you need to giggle, so work on strengthening your ties to your real winnings: your friends.

Friend Match: You expect honesty and integrity from your BFFs, and anyone who gets close to you had better know how to calm you down when you're about to blow. A level-headed Libra has all these qualities.

Love Match: You’ve got super high standards, and are always saying that none of the guys you know can measure up. Make sure you're not just pushing people away before they can reject you--a patient, devoted, and super-sweet Cancer comes pretty close to perfection.

Best accessory: Stila eyeliner
Best job: Movie star
Star match: Britney Spears

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