Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8th -- Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays


Interesting, Friendly, Energetic

You and an Olympic high-diver have something in common: You're all about diving in head-first. No matter what you're working on--from an English project to a difficult friendship--you throw yourself into it one hundred percent. Generous and energetic, when it comes to your feelings you lay everything out on the table, and you feel deeply responsible for the well-being of everything and everyone around you.

+/-: You'll tackle any project, no matter how difficult. But ask yourself if the rewards are worth the effort. It might be easier to write an essay than build a scaled-down version of a Native American village; similarly, if you have to put in months of energy to a relationship that's not getting better, it's time to pull the plug.

Friend Match: A Virgo with both creative and pragmatic tendencies is a moderate version of you: all the talent, half the angst.

Love Match: Because you love unusual and mischievous people, you're often drawn to guys who aren't prepared to return your affection, like a shady Scorpio with a wandering eye. Down-to-earth doesn't have to mean boring; once you try out a dependable Leo, don't be surprised if you never go back.

Best accessory: MacBook
Best color: Blue
Best hobby: Musical theater

P.S. I cannot even begin to express how much I love my MacBook. It's like an extra appendage. You know that game you play in elementary school? The one where your teacher goes, "if you were stranded on a tropical, desert island, what one item would you bring with you and why?" Well, I would bring my MacBook (with wireless broadband connection--that still counts as one item, right?). Yes, it might not be as nourishing as food or as basic as a bar of soap (I'm assuming that the clothes on my back don't count toward this exercise and that there are berries or something available for consumption). But, let's face it -- without my MacBook, the boredom of being stranded on a tropical, desert island would most certainly become overpowering. And I'm easily bored. Boredom -- it's something you gotta think about when dealing with the challenges and dangers of isolation. Don't you think?

Sooo to make a long story short. You December 8th birthday people bring with you the antidote to boredom -- a MacBook. Kudos!

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