Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday, December 3rd -- And the Days Just Tick on by...

Sorry, I'm seriously in shock that it's already December (admittedly, the sixty-degree weather is confusing--is it a first for you b-day people?).


Concentrated, Secretive, Innovative

You and sliced bread have something in common: you're both totally ingenious. Creative, innovative, and extremely independent, no matter what your passion--from writing to knitting to the boy in your science class--you dedicate yourself to it with attentiveness and skill that borders on the truly genius. You do your own thing and never seek out attention or flattery; in fact, you crave privacy.

+/-: It's great that you're self-sufficient, but you graduated from kindergarten so you should know how to play with others. Let your friends take you out on Saturday night and try to maintain closer contact with the people you love.

Friend Match: You need a BFF who values privacy and independence above all else and won't be offended that you have a tendency to keep secrets, like an equally mysterious and private Pisces.

Love Match: A Cancer who appreciates your need to be alone but understands the importance of having a small group of close friends will make sure that you don't put the her back in hermit.

Best accessory: Oversized headphones (for when you just need to tune everyone out) ­­
Best hobby: Art club
Best pet: Adopted cat

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