Monday, December 21, 2009

It's your birthday + the week just before the start of winter break... could you ask for anything more?


Intuitive, Stubborn, Challenging

You're just like a ninja: silent but deadly. You don't need to run your mouth to command a room, and whether or not you've got your lips on lock-down you make sure people know how you feel--and do what you want. Intimidating and powerful, you use all of your energy and focus to achieve your goals, and whether or not you use verbal skills or just body language to communicate, you're always making your point clear.

+/-: Your super sensitive when it comes to understanding other people's moods. When it's your friends' turn to read you, however, they'll find you're a closed book. If you’re struggling with a problem, don’t stew on it – open up!

Friend Match: You like to keep your posse small, and you like to keep them close. You and a Cancer may have been best buds since you were in diapers, but don't let that stop you from expanding your horizons. An expressive, take-charge fellow Sag makes a great partner-in-crime.

Love Match: You need a guy who won't keep his feelings on lock-down, or you're both bound to suffer in silence. A Libra values honesty and communication above all else, and can help you open up.

Best color: Black
Best job: Judge
Best vacation spot: Morocco

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