Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hey, now! Hey, now! This is what birthdays are made of!


Committed, Idealistic, Responsible

You and a gym teacher have something in common: all about physical education. Down-to-earth, practical, and grounded, you limit your beliefs to the things you can see, touch, taste, and smell. Ruled by themes of body and earth, you're not interested in flights of fancy or superficiality. You gravitate towards dependability and solidity in other people. Serious and focused, once you set your mind to something it's impossible to steer you from your path.

+/-: You're definitely not a fan of team sports; you prefer to always roll solo. Like a kindergartener, you need to learn to share. Don't be afraid to open up to others and show off your inner shine--make time to hit the movies or have a makeover night with good friends.

Friend Match: You take things super seriously, and could use some friends around you to help you lighten up, like a laid-back, social Libra and an energetic, fun-loving Gemini.

Love Match: Nothing irritates you more than broken promises, so an adorable Aries with a habit of telling little white lies will just drive you crazy. Stick with a solid-as-they-come Taurus or an affectionate Cancer.

Best date: Camping
Best hobby: Cooking
Best style: Outdoorsy (If it’s made by North Face, L.L. Bean, or Patagonia, you own it.) P.S. This does not describe me. I am what you'd call "indoorsy" or perhaps "only can handle nature when it's man made-y. You know, I like my walking paths paved. That kind of thing. The untamed wilderness... not so much.

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