Friday, December 18, 2009

So you know how when it's your birthday... can't really concentrate on stuff because you're so jittery and excited about the events to come. That's how I feel today because of holiday parties and whatnot. Gotta love the season!


Persistent, Capable, Expansive

You and a whale share something in common: you're all about living large. When you commit to something--like heading up the decorator's committee for homecoming--you see it through no matter what, and you see it through in a big way (2,000 handmade paper vines to go along with the jungle theme, anyone?). But just because you see the big picture doesn't mean you ignore the details. Attentive and focused, you make sure everything is just so.

+/-: You have unstoppable quantities of energy, but just like when you're driving, it sometimes pays to Reduce Speed Ahead. Going full throttle will just lead to burn out, so try to appreciate the journey and not just the destination.

Friend Match: Sometimes you crave absolute privacy, at other times you spill all your secrets faster than you can say "dish". You might run hot and cold sometimes, but a Libra who is laid-back like lukewarm water will be able to go with the flow.

Love Match: Having a boyfriend is awesome, but having a boy-friend is even better. Make sure your guy gets you and can serve as your support system, like a loyal Taurus whose steadfastness will help you achieve your goals.

Best accessory: Jet black Range Rover
Best pet: African Grey Parrot
Star match: Katie Holmes

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