Monday, November 30, 2009

B-day Backlog....

Soooo... as you may have noticed, we haven't posted "The Secret Language of Birthdays" for the past few days (let's face it, we were out for Thanksgiving). But... rather than just skip over the birthdays, we figured that we'd just post a whole bunch at one time. It's our way of saying, "Your birthday may have happened last week, but we love you anyway!"


Spirited, Loyal, Involved

If you were a sports car, you'd be a foreign Ferrari: unusual, a little flashy, and bound to be admired wherever you go. Deeply social, you're a fan of long conversations and need to be surrounded by people who understand and support you. You're an excellent friend; on the flip side, you have a tendency to hold grudges when people have betrayed your trust and make a scary--and outspoken--enemy.

+/-: You often wish you were more like foundation: blessed with the ability to blend. You often feel different from the people around you and wish to be more "normal." Understand that, really, there's no such thing, and embrace all of the qualities that make you you (and fabulous!).

Friend Match: You and a BFF are both ruled by the dynamic number 2, which means you like to be on the go 24/7. Remember to make quiet time with a low-key Cancer when it's time for R & R.

Love Match: You love to debate, and you need a guy who won't be intimidated when you defeat him point-by-point in an argument, like an uber-confident fellow Sagittarius who's a big fan of long convos.

Best color: Aqua
Star match: Katherine Heigl
Best vacation spot: New York City (just like you, the city never sleeps)


Constant, Thorough, Accomplished

If life is a highway, you're a cross-country truck driver: all about the long haul. You've got the patience and persistence to pursue your goals no matter what the obstacles, and look for friends who share your desire to succeed. Though you have a ton of energy you come across as cool, quiet, and reserved. You enjoy being alone but also have the capacity for deep and unwavering attachment, so make sure the person's worth it before offering a lift.

+/-: You're a true perfectionist, and are always painstakingly careful about what you do and say. Reality check: unlike The Hills, life is unscripted, so let loose and allow your unregulated side to shine.

Friend Match: A Gemini is always going through ups and downs, and you'll be there no matter what the weather. In return, she can help you loosen up and laugh at yourself when things take a downturn in your life.

Love Match: When you like someone, you refuse to see the negatives in him. But if an Aries is keeping you jumping through hoops, it's time to call off the circus. A loyalty-minded Leo will be the perfect remedy for the drama.

Best accessory: Life list (As far as you’re concerned, having a goal doesn’t count if it’s not written down.)
Best job: Novelist
Star match: Christina Applegate


Interesting, Free-Spirited, Unique

You're just like the smell of gasoline: love you or hate you, you're 100 percent unique. Deeply creative, you do things in your own way and at your own speed, but there's no doubt that you make things happen. You're curious and inventive but are blessed with a practical side that keeps your ideas grounded in real life, and are always working to find a balance between your imaginative and down-to-earth sides.

+/-: It's cool that you don’t care what other people think. But you may play better with others than you know. You'll never know whether people understand you unless you're willing to share your thoughts with them!

Friend Match: You're drawn to a Pisces BFF because of the unusual, intuitive, and individualistic way that you both see the world. And who else will spend an entire afternoon finger-painting your walls?

Love Match: It’s hard for you to be in a relationship because you’re so independent. Look for a guy who will give you space to do your own thing, like a Cancer who values privacy or a Sagittarius who's always on the move.

Best accessory: Sketchpad
Best job: Inventor
Star match: Natasha Bedingfield


Intuitive, Quick, Impulsive

If you were a line dance, you'd be the Electric Slide. If you're not the one creating the drama, you'll be in the middle of it faster than you can say, "Oh, no, she didn't." Spontaneous, fun-loving, and full of more energy than a twelve-pack of Red Bull, you're so busy bouncing off the walls you often don't notice you're getting battered. You need to take some time for R & R to avoid periods of anger and frustration.

+/-: Your whirlwind energy--and the tantrums that accompany it--can cause more damage than hurricane season in Florida. You need the stabilizing influence of close friends and family, so lean on them for help (and learn to say, I'm sorry.)

Friend Match: Pair up with a Leo: She has just as much energy as you do, but her steadiness and optimism means she never goes through periods of boom and bust and can help you find stability.

Love Match: In your case laughter really is the best medecine, so you'll know it's love when a class clown Aries keeps you in stitches (even when you're doing--blech--dissections in science class).

Best color: Magenta
Best vacation spot: Club in Ibiza
Style icon: Mary-Kate Olsen


Profound, Natural, Sensitive

If you were an old TV show, you'd be the Lone Ranger. You’re super smart, but school still feels like a seven-hour-a-day prison sentence to you. You’d much rather be learning on your own terms, and your desire for independence extends to every area of your life. Although you have a sharp and spot-on sense of humor, you often come across to others as serious and even intimidating.

+/-: You have a naturally logical mind and are quick to pick an argument to shreds when it isn't up to par. But you don't always hold yourself to the same standards, so before you start throwing stones, make sure you're not sitting in the middle of a house of glass.

Friend Match: You find a natural counterpart in the logically minded, diplomatic, and sweet-tempered Libra. But stay close to the silly influence of a goofball Aries who will help keep things light.

Love Match: You come across as snobby when in fact you're just private. You’ve got a lot in common with a Cancer in your class--he's just as introspective as you are--but somebody has to make the first move, so try breaking out of your let-him-come-to-me routine.

Best hobby: Book club
Best job: Medical researcher
Best style: Classic


Challenging, Dynamic, Influential

You should be an elevator operator, because you're always pushing buttons. Energetic, smart, and opinionated, you're always provoking others with your unusual ideas, unflinching honesty, and in-your-face attitude. Nothing infuriates you more than liars and fakes, and though some people may find you intimidating, everyone has to respect you for always speaking the truth and speaking your mind.

+/-: It’s great that you’re not afraid to express yourself. But there are times when you should reserve judgment, like when your BFF tells you she’s thinking of joining the cheerleading squad. Your job as a friend is to be supportive, not critical.

Friend Match: A Libra BFF is super patient, but even she'll get fed up if you don't stop picking fights. Take a lesson from her cool-as-a-cucumber demeanor and chill.

Love Match: You should come with a big FRAGILE sign, because people better handle you with care. Your tendency to explode means you need a guy who's not going to press the detonator, like an Aquarius who doesn't mind admitting when he's wrong.

Best color: Emerald
Best date: Day at the beach
Best hobby: Lit Mag


Thorough, Funny, Dynamic

Your spirit animal should be a tiger, because when it comes to getting what you want, you always know just when to pounce. Patient and hard working, you also possess an intuitive side that means you can sense when to act. You know how to do a lot with a little, so whether you're whipping up a new outfit from an old tank top or turning a pair of jeans into a pillow covering, you're always making the most of what's given to you.

+/-: You like to be in control of everything from your social calendar (planned a month in advance) to your burger toppings (extra ketchup, absolutely no onions). Take a lesson from cotton and loosen up.

Friend Match: You and a Virgo share a love of matching stationary sets and spotlessly clean bedrooms, but for sheer giggly fun and a mellowing influence, go ahead and send a Gemini a friend request.

Love Match: A mischievous Aries tries to seduce you with charm, but you respond better to openness and honesty. Look for a Sagittarius who'll be willing to spill--and share--his soul.

Best color: Silver
Star match: Kaley Cuoco
Best vacation spot: Cancun

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