Monday, November 23, 2009

We've had a request for some November 22nd b-day goodies...

Soooo... here you go! We're not ones to disappoint our readers :)


Protective, Persuasive, Thoughtful

If you were a national monument you'd be Philadelphia's Liberty Bell: all about freedom. Strong-willed and very independent, you demand the right to make your own choices and feel frustrated when people (like, ahem, your parents) try to impose limits on what you can do. Your friends respect your take-me-as-I-am attitude: you're never afraid to be 100 percent yourself.

+/-: It’s fantastic that you’ve got such a fighting spirit and great that you're such a protective friend, but don’t be so quick to jump into the front lines. Pick your battles, and don't necessarily think that your friends can't--or won't--stand up for themselves.

Friend Match: You and a super sweet Virgo are just like freshly baked bread: you're the hard exterior, she's the mushy soft inside. Together, a perfect pairing.

Love Match: If there's one thing you can't stand it's when a guy feels like he has the right to tell you what to do, so definitely stay away from bossy Taurus and look for a more easygoing Aries.

Best accessory: Combat boots
Star match: Scarlett Johansson
Best vacation spot: Castle in Scotland

P.S. Pardon the retroactive posting, but we don't ordinarily post weekend b-days. Today, however, is an exception.

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  1. :-D Thank you!!! I thought it was pretty spot on, too! YAY!