Monday, November 2, 2009

You say it's your birthday!!! You wanna have a good time... again :)


Influential, Powerful, Adaptable

You’re like a chameleon in reverse: you'd rather make the world adjust its colors than try and blend in with the world. A social powerhouse, you're a trendsetter and a dynamo at making over everything from your BFF's wardrobe to your math teacher's attitude (who knew he could smile?). You have a tremendous impact on the people around you, giving you the power to transform situations according to your will.

+/-: Change freaks some people out, but not you. When opportunity knocks, you roll out the welcome mat. But it's important to stick with your commitments, so remember you don’t always have to open the door.

Friend Match: You’ve got the energy of Times Square on New Year's, but sometimes you just need to chill. That’s when you should seek out a laid-back Libra, who’ll keep you from stressing out too much.

Love Match: Your attention span barely carries you through a movie, so there's no chance of committing to just one guy. But watch out for a taste of your own medicine du flakiness in a gorgeous Mercury-ruled Gemini who will have you wishing for a little one-on-one time.

Best color: Forest green
Best date: House party with mutual friends
Best job: Stylist

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