Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Wait, I'm technically not allowed to say that. Well, eh.... I just did! And why, you ask, is November 3rd the greatest birthday to ever exist? Why is it one birthday to rule them all? Why -- you must know. Isn't it just obvious?

It's MY birthday. That's right -- mine. And I don't mean Razorbill's. I mean the birthday of the person that updates this blog. Me.

Soooooo in view of that BIG reveal, let's play a little game, shall we? I'll post the text from THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF BIRTHDAYS as usual, and then we'll evaluate how it applies to me. Here we go!!!

P.S. Anything that's a different color means I wrote it. So, please -- DO NOT THINK THAT THE COLORED TEXT IS FROM THE BOOK. It isn't. It's from my brain.

NOVEMBER 3 (Again, quick reminder -- best birthday EVER!!!!)

Persistent (I am like a dog with a bone between its teeth), Concentrated (Going to assume that this doesn't refer to orange juice, and say that when I'm focused on something, watch out! First of all, you're just not going to be able to get my attention. Plus, I kinda make a face. It's sort of like my tongue goes limp and my mouth is slightly agape. No joke.), Triumphant (I've beat virtually every person I've ever played Connect 4 against. Also, checkers.)

If you were a game, you would be chess, because you're all about thinking three moves ahead (Again, see the Connect 4 reference. Also, my resume). Persistent and focused, you keep your calm under pressure and know how to wait. But you're not a procrastinator (Yeah, uh-huh, not a procrastinator... right). When the time is right, you work passionately and energetically (Seriously. I have a ridiculous amount of energy. Thank you copious amounts of Diet Coke). Everyone knows not to argue with you; nothing gets under your skin, and even when you're temper's burning you stay as cool as ice (Honestly, I think I have an internal body thermostat kinda problem. Gloves are a necessity).

+/-: You're so concentrated you're just like orange juice from a can (There we go -- another OJ reference), but when it comes to your feelings, you've got a serious block. Give your heart a de-freeze and learn how to express yourself emotionally (Oh, past lovers how you've scorned me and left me an emotional basketcase. Tsk. Tsk).

Friend Match: Sometimes your sarcasm can get out of hand (For me, it's actually more like an undercurrent of cynicism masked by a "concentrated" -- haha -- effort to remain optimistic). A straightforward, sensitive Cancer will always tell you when to lay off the abuse--and she'll help you figure out what's really got you mad.

Love Match: You do not like to lose, and that goes for your heart, too (You've got me. Losing is out of the question. I'm in it to win it. And by win it, I mean put a freakin' ring on it... though not yet. How about like three years from now? I'm talking to you, mysterious loverboy who I haven't met yet). You’re not the type to give your affection away freely, but let an expressive and artistic Pisces show you how to open up.

Best color: Lilac
Best hobby: Yoga (I recently started taking Bikram. The room is literally 105 degrees, and it makes me sweat more than I've ever sweat in my entire life. We're talking about you do not want to be around me kinda sweating. Like, stay away. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200 dollars. Do not touch me with a ten foot pole sweating.)
Best style: Haute couture (If anyone would like to buy me some, I'd be game.)

So, there it is -- my evaluation of today's birthday insights. How does your birthday experience stack up???

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  1. I'm a few days late but Happy Birthday!

    November 3rd is the best birthday EVER!!...it's mine too :).

    And the stuff about November 3rd's is eerily right on about me.

    Great post!