Monday, November 23, 2009

11/23 -- Your birthday is the first school day of Thanksgiving week?

Talk about a double dose of excitement. How can you not be filled with eager anticipation? Between the way that your awesome friends decorated your locker, brought you b-day balloons, and showered you with "Happy Birthdays" and the the almost-upon-us, it's-so-close-you-can-feel-it-in-your-fingers-and-toes Thanksgiving break, things are good :)


Individualistic, Free-spirited, Humorous

If you were a catch phrase, you'd be: Prove it to me. You never follow rules just because someone says you should; from an early age you gave your parents grief because you refused to accept their because-I-said-so argument. Sharp witted and independent, in general you don't care what other people think but can ironically be super sensitive about certain lingering insecurities (and quick to take offense).

+/-: You're just like the filling in an Oreo cookie: always in the middle of something. Try and cultivate a thicker skin when it comes to the issues that get you really riled up.

Friend Match: You admire a Pisces for her inventive fashion sense and I-don't-care attitude and she admires you for always saying what you mean. Don't be afraid to let her help you tap into your creative side.

Love Match: You've got a great sense of humor, so you should be looking for a guy who can laugh at himself. A fun-loving Aries isn't afraid to make a fool out of himself and can help you loosen up when you're feeling uptight.

Best date: Jet skiing
Star match: Miley Cyrus
Best style: Grunge

Speaking of your overwhelming awesomeness, Miley Cyrus -- SERIOUSLY? I'd love to share a b-day with her. "Party in the USA" is just about the most addictive song in the last five years. We literally sing it around the office. No joke.

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