Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10th B-day Excitement


Creative, Self-Assured, Magnetic

The ruling symbol of November 10th is the butterfly, because those born on this day are all about metamorphosis. Your change isn't just personal, however: creative and productive, you are able to transform the materials around you into something fabulous and new (like when you turned an old pair of jeans into a handbag). A social butterfly (what else?), people are attracted to your off-beat sensibility and your confidence.

+/-: Although friends flock to you, you have a tendency to view them as audience members in the One Woman Theater of You. Cultivate your listening skills and learn to be more sensitive to others' needs.

Friend Match: You definitely march to the beat of your own drummer, but a Cancer friend is totally feeling your rhythm. And because she's super loyal, she won’t blab to all your other peeps about your lucky stuffed bear or tendency to put ketchup on everything.

Love Match: You can't stand people who always stick to the same old routine, so a Sagittarius--ruled by themes of movement, travel, and change--will share your love of exploration and help to keep things fresh.

Best accessory: Sewing kit
Best job: Interior designer
Star match: Brittany Murphy

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